Fishies in the tank (buddha:eye)

Posted on July 19, 2008


Peace One,

Friend called today to help with tree clearing tomorrow. Never worked with chainsaw before and I think he has, so it’ll be all good. Dear Trees, sorry for having to cut you down. I will do a lil’ something tomorrow beforehand, before renting the chainsaw 😦 , to say my thanks for your presence in the frontyard.

Was describing what he was noticing upon cleaning up and rearranging the fish tank. Won’t get into it all the details here, but let’s just say, he was trippin’ out, as was I, on how the fishies in the fish tank, and the buddha roopa (form of buddha)  — all the elements in the tank made him reflect on the social relationships that are part of the household he’s been livin’ in.

two neon tetras + one “sucker” fish / plecostomus + one image of the buddha

“looking with his buddha eye”, friend was trippin’ on the social – group dynamics of this whole aquarium set up. and guess, who in the house was a monastic praktisyoner with the wat pah nanachat monastery???

equanimity. seeing or “not seeing”. perceptions. skillfulness. fishies in the tank. buddhaform. can you see it? can you see it?

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