Summer of Love

Posted on July 19, 2008


Summer of Love 2008

I feel energy to continue finding the groove that will allow me to keep writing and communicating.  This is my 5th or 6th attempt at bloggin’ regularly.  Some attempts have been more fruitful and consistent than others.  Constancy.  Like daily praktis.  Daily praktis as self-care, self-love, nurturance praktis.  Listening to my voice, the Voice within.  Daily praktis.  Connection and devotion to the Divine Moment.  Making this moment a miraculous one.

I’m all over this lil’ “theme” I created for Self (Self created for me) this season—THE SUMMER OF LOVE.

SUMMER OF (((LOVE))) means…

  • Expanding compassion within and expressing this compassion outside myself.  Like an in-breath and an out-breath.  In and out.  In and out.  In compassion.  Out compassion.  “What does this look like?”  I know, what does it look like?  Summer of Love 2008 – exploring the boundaries and boundarylessness of Love as they have configured themselves in this lifetime, in this brain, in this body, in this heart, in this soul…
  • Revisiting my relationships (particularly in relation to my Nanay, and all other relationships that have taken shape with myself, and others because of this)
  • Reflecting on my daily life praktis and the ways that Love expresses itself in my daily to-dos
  • Holding gently, breathing through patiently and finding the Calm Wisdom and Right Thinking, spacious compassion for the intensities that the Year 2008 has brought to me and to the world (social, political, cultural, environmental points-of-no-return!)
  • Celebrating summer days and nights, afternoon naps and late night blog postings, YouTube adventures, Northgate Market aguas frescas, outings with friends…
  • Studying the “Four Immeasurables” (love, joy, compassion, equanimity) and finding ways to BE with these teachings in concrete ways (specifically equanimity and compassion…Oooooh, come visit me, please!)
  • Remembering my teachers both old and new and celebrating spiritual ancestors who show me a better way to live in this life.  Recalling Refuge as Part of the Path.
  • “Renunciation” and offering up of “ego hurts” to no longer be such loud parts of my story.  Expanding the story, releasing old stories.  Releasing, releasing, releasing, letting go, letting go ego.  Sun Die Ego in San Diego.  Recalling the sacred Noble Truth of Suffering.  Suffering can be used skillfully to nurture my Awakening.  Awakening to the mystery of myself, the gaps in between, the “sacred wound” and immersing Self in the love and compassion and space and healing of the praktis to reclaim my suffering and transform it.  It “makes sense” then, within this wisdom-context.  No mud, no lotus.
  • TRANSFORMATION AT THE BASE!!!  (Oh, goooodness!)
  • “Expiration dates” – for stories, narratives and ways of thinking and relating that no longer serve.  Evolving, growing, Being so as not to prolong the experience of suffering within.
  • The deep praktis of STOPPING.
  • Healing of my “emotional body”, “inner child”…
  • Becoming the “Father” within; I am the continuation of my father, my mother, my teacher
  • New red studs + tattoo of “non-regression” in Sanskrit

Bullet pointed list makes it seems like it all makes sense to me.  Oh, form.  Actually, I’d like to come back and write about these “points” in more detail as the Summer of Love 2008 continues for me.

Some friends along the path who have been kind guides and dear kalyanamitras, giving context and support even when they did not know I was leanin’ in, even when I did not fully know what was goin’ on..

Palms together, in gratitude.

Michael Dove (

Thich Nhat Hanh on Fathers, Mothers, Teachers as Continuations of Ourselves (

JK Rowling on Imagination and Failure ( teachings of Dattatreya Siva Baba (

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