Summer of Love (Bahay version)

Posted on July 20, 2008


Summer of Love!

Summer of Love!

Returned chainsaw to Home Depot today and found out they have a wood chipper / shredder for rent as well! I’m starting to look forward to hangin’ out at Home Depot. I wouldn’t call myself a handy type of guy but there’s all these things around the house that my Summer of Love time is allowing for and so, in addition to the wood chipper for rent, I’m lookin’ to paint/stain the fence a dark “slate” color is what the name is…or a dark brown. And trying to decide between a dark earthy blue or green for the outside exterior. It’s stucco, so it’ll best to paint-spray versus paintbrush it on. I’d like to do the paintbrushing, though I know the paint spray will do a better job. Perhaps, I’m thinking I could take my time and make this a summer long and then some project. But, let’s hope I don’t let it go on for too long and lose momentum. I gots lots of time now, but when the school year opens — it’s all about the kids then…fortunately and unfortunately at times.

Also, later on today, the People of Color Mindfulness Gathering will take place here. Not sure how many folks will actually show since the change of place and summertime schedules and our own transitions as a sangha. Lots of new questions and directions to communicate through to figure out how best to continue…


Summer of Love (Bahay version), indeed!

The house looooves visitors.

Lastly, went to the swapmeet and found these pretty cool chairs (minus dining table). I haven’t had a dining table all this time I’ve been here. I have a bunch of small side and coffee-type tables which have suited me. “New chairs”: I’d like to sand down, then stain or paint them. From the label below, it looks like they are made of American oak. Sturdy and old wood look, but needing some freshening up. I’m not expert or have knowledge in this at all, but all good. Summer of Love, summer of learnin’ about house things. Paint, stain, sand, wood chip, plant, rest…

Hope you enjoy the new moves inside and outside the house, dear Bahay. And I know you sayin’, “So, how about the garage and the office and your closets, and the backyard???”

I didn’t realize maintainin’ Home could take up so much time and energy. All good. Its own praktis, definitely its own praktis. One section, one sweep, one trash bag, one breath at a time.

Perhaps, will get all my stuff and see what I can sell at the swapmeet one of these weeks!

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