SoL (Bahay v.2)

Posted on July 22, 2008


Summer of Love (Bahay v.2)

Chairs from the swapmeet experiencing a staining project today.  I got 3 out 4 done although they are in need of one or two more coats.  I chose this color, Bombay Mohany, deep, deep, dark color.  It ain’t turnin’ out like that, at least not yet, but all good.  We’ll see how the stain and wood match and settle with one another through the night.  Needs about 6 hours before next coating.  I have a feeling though the satin finish will be shinier than I’m gonna like, so we’ll see.  I’ve been at Home Depot consecutively for the past several days.  What a trip!   Luckily, it’s close by to the bahay.  Painting with oil-based is no fun!  Definitely got all these drips all over the place.  We’ll see if I can sand down or something.   Oh well, it’ll be all right…I HOPE!

And I’ve been lookin’ at Craigs List for a dining table to join the four chairs.  No hurry though.

After the chairs, what’s next???

Fence painting project.  I’m leanin’ heavily towards my green palette.  My whole house is gonna turn some shade of greeeeeen inside and out!  Gotta get a grip

🙂 Summer of Love 2008!

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