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Posted on July 24, 2008


Peace Ones,

I attended a fundraiser last night with a friend who was gonna read his poetry as part of the evening’s speakers/performers for the Peace and Dignity Journey runners as they arrived in San Diego.


  • Hearing about the former president/chair of Viejas tribe speak about his journey to Peru to work with and learn from the shamans of that land, and to be fully expressive of his experience with energy medicine and acting from a place of compassion.  Compassion is a verb, he repeated, and folks and strangers feel compassion only when it gets enacted, and they become the recipient of it.
  • Hearing one of the Chicana elders from the community speak about 2012!  I was all smiles!  YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!  We are the ONES!
  • Seeing such a diverse group of peoples supporting and lending presence and enjoy a great meal together, listen together, perform together, pray together.  It was a warm and welcoming environment, warm spirits shared between all in the spirit of Community.
  • Talking with a brother towards the end of the evening.  He works with all the major concerts and shows around town to coordinate and set up sound, lighting and effects.  He’s a Native brother and somehow, we ended up talking about culture and how it keeps us grounded; family and commonalities amongst all our communities.  “We aren’t that much different, you and I…” he repeated.  It was that kinda space you know.  Open hearts, summer of love.  I miss spaces like this..the kind that I was reborn into through the UCSD Cross Cultural Center and other cross-cultural, coalition building communities back in da days!
  • Seeing old friend, Quyen, from CPI and finding out we’ve got mutual colleagues, friends!  Even saw an old professor of mines, who I did not fully recognize!  Apparently, CPI wil be honoring teachers/educators locally in their next fundraiser.  Go teachers!

(I had my camera, should’ve taken pictures.)

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