buddharoopa and other inspirations

Posted on July 29, 2008


Peace Ones,


All about that “word”

these days like it’s a mantra

secret phrase, chant, visualization/prayer

inside of me

actually, the spelling is buddharupa

but i like buddharoopa very much right now


i was there

nourishment and transformation

summer of love

heart of love

these have been the mantras

that have been visiting me

also, the mantra teachings of

sri dattatreya siva baba 🙂




Lately, been reading these two books:

1)  Universe in this Moment

2) Buddha Mom
Good dharma books as friends during this summer of love retreat period.  Spirit Rock People of Color Retreat in a couple of weeks.  We’ll see what else continues to arise between now and then…

SUMMER OF LOVE (Bahay Version Update)

-Rototiller gettin’ some play in the front and backyard, although hella dusty while I use it.  I even watered, but I think that’s just how it is.  Even Ricardo, the one who sold it to me said it would be dusty, when we were trying it out at his house.

-Friend came by to help clear the backyard monstrosity of weed and overgrown, under-cared lot.  He brought a scythe and went at it swangin’ away and making good progress.  I was tryna bust out my mom’s weed wacker, but the scythe was doin’ its job so much better than this electric piece of machinery.  Eventually, the weed wacker came in handy with the thinner grasses/weeds.  Scythe!  Watch out!

-Am excited about gettin’ some painting done beginning this week.  I have to finalize the color choices for the frontyard fence.  Leanin’ towards that dark, dark brown color with some rich version of green for the exterior of the house.  That’ll take some time painting the exterior, but the fence, I’d like to get done by this weekend.

-Thinkin’ about calling gardener friend to advise and consult with frontyard space…maybe she’s got some ideas.

Learning that I do not know how to work with outdoor materials as well — or I’m use to indoor livin’ more.  It’s a whole ‘nother world outdoors and being there helps me to appreciate Earth Life Energy and being more…when I’m out there, I can’t do as much.  Patience praktis.  If the sun is at its hottest and I have some more to do, I best listen to the Way of Nature lest I get a headache or sunburn or something…which has already happened.  Pushing too much, I don’t think that works very well when working with Earth.





Summer of Love

Summer of Love

What’s in the heart?

…in the heart?

Summer of Love’s

in the heart…

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