noble suffering

Posted on August 5, 2008


life is suffering

there is a cause to suffering

if there is a cause, then that cause can be put to an end

there is a way to end suffering

noble suffering

how much do i choose to suffer?

it’s up to me

it’s up to me how much i allow another’s wrong thinking

and wrong perceptions to dominate my sense of “self”

it’s up to me how much i allow myself to wallow

in feeling wrong, becoming the victim

acting, feeling, thinking and feeling from

a smallness, from fearfulness, from non-wakefulness

and fullness of my Being

it’s up to me to choose how suffering

affects me and what i do with this suffering

do i engage it to transform myself

do i create the suffering for myself and others

do i use suffering to create seeds of awakening in myself

do i slip and fall in the midst of suffering

do i surrender to my suffering

do i look at my suffering with the eye of the buddha

karma dharma

samsara nirvana




take this suffering

and make an offering of it

make an offering of the transformation within myself that is possible because of this suffering

my heart is a muscle the size of my fist

inner revolution’s the way i resist

my heart’s as deep as the ocean’s abyss

tribulations transformed

and offered up as gifts

my tribulations transformed

and offered up as gifts




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