Countdown to Retreat Time (iv)

Posted on August 8, 2008


How timely!  Yes to attending the Opening Ceremony tonight and sending prayers for a wonderful retreat travel experience.  My mother invited me to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight…auspicious Openings, Ceremonies and Beginnings


The Relic Collection

Relics of Shakyamuni Buddha
Relics of Buddha
Head Relics of Shakyamuni Buddha
Head Relics of Buddha
Relic of Kasyapa Buddha
Relic of Lama Yeshe
Relics of Maudgalyayana
Relics of Maudgalyayana

North America Tour

August 8, 9 & 10, 2008
San Diego, California

Friday 7pm Opening Ceremony
Saturday 10am to 7pm
Sunday 10am to 7pm
Wat Savannkiry Temple
3864 52nd St
San Diego
California 92105
Contact: Venerable Bao
Telephone: +1 619 280 7633
Cellphone: +1 619 278 1814

Other dates and cities – click below:

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