dharma name

Posted on September 7, 2008



calm ocean of the heart

medicine dharma of the heart




something good shifted for me this summer

with my uncle’s passing and re-relating to Mom’s

and Summer of Love


house-“sitting” and “painting”

POC retreat

and whatever else was goin’ with

or without me…

something within has slightly shifted

the way i feel about my moment

(not completely different)

but enough for this earth sign to know

i am walking slightly new territory…




the ONE year is coming to its closing period

with Fall / Autumn equinox arriving in a few weeks

much more in store

24 brand new hours each day

…I vow to offer metta to myself

and to all my family and friends

and co-workers, neighbors

acquaintances and anyone

with whom I will have contact and communication

near and afar…

medicine dharma of the heart

thank you dear friend ~x for the naming and marking of the shift inside of me

gentle birth

gentle guide

on this path

this endless path

that turns to JOY




namaste universe

namaste parents teachers friends numerous beings who give guidance and support along the path…

namaste five wonderful mindfulness trainings and other protectors and refuges along the path…

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