Posted on September 9, 2008


a common way to to go

been having conversations with myself

about the difficulties we have sometimes as adults

to work together…

i mean we are working together

we are on committees and groups

and cohorts and teams

…but despite that

our own personal lives

and our own ways of “dealing”

at times, do not give us good ways

of actually working and being and communicating

with others in a good way
had a staff meeting today at work

and the principal, from how i’ve been listening to him…

continuing to maintain his message of working together

towards guaranteeing our own success

that we gots to do what we need to do

and forget about the district

forget about other

…we got to do what we gots to do

and when we are working together

when we are coordinating our collective efforts

our “goals, achievements, successes”

will be forthcoming…


taking refuge in the community that lives in harmony and awareness

having a good common way to go

how valuable this jewel and refuge

having a good way to go

how precious this jewel is indeed


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