Posted on September 10, 2008



i just don’t wanna write about something that happened

sparing myself the details

saving myself from having to repeat the performance of it all
though today

watching observing

seeing myself follow a thought and get me all worked up

communication or the lack thereof

or the inconsistencies in between

…working together

communicating truthfully

tellin’ ONES truth

especially within “professional” environments

where you gotta keep your stuff tight

“the container store” is what my friend call it

that’s what we can call our ______ school

where we all walk around within our own containers

and ne’er shall we find ourselves

having to get into one another’s bizness

never, oh never!

breathing when i can remember

sitting with it all

and watching the moment pass

watching myself release the moment

watching the places where the thought continues to stick

get stuck not wanting to release itself

and the continuation of the thought building and growing…

exponentially mutating into other thoughts

and then hopefully

giving myself a bit of room to just chill

and be with what has happened

space compassion forgiveness ease and equanimity

that is me, that is the mind

…communication amidst myself

restless in the communication with others

and leaning forward to get another listen to

what truly matters

the effort to see, listen and receive anew

…what am i writing about?

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