shifts, transitions, sangha

Posted on September 16, 2008


shifts, transitions

does it always seem like life is changing

a bit difficult for the taurus in me that likes

things as they are, especially when i become comfortable

with that way of Being

shifts transitions sangha

spent a few gatherings this weekend in sangha

and in ones that have been changing

“inter-centre harmony” is what tsem rinpoche calls it

what happens when sanghas shift relationships and containers of praktis?

what happens when people’s commitments shift? or the conditions for praktis change?  and another container, place must be found?

shifts transitions sangha

what happens when communication breaks down?

or aspirations and energies no longer feel mutually beneficial?

what happens when “breaks” occur and lead to other paths?

what happens to the sangha when it changes its shape?  its identity?  its place?  what is this process showing me and teaching me perhaps?  what is it, this, for me?

…this looking into

and breathing with

and feeling out, yes, feeling out

the shift transition and change

and finding my way through

the opening that i do not yet see

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