Nudges from the Universe: Naropa

Posted on September 28, 2008


earth sign taurus here

needs friendly nudging from the Friendly Universe

on two occassions now

i’ve had moments when i was thinkin’

about this school i’ve been eyeing for awhile

(contemplative education at naropa in boulder, colorado)

and in those two moments

later that day

when i went to check the mail

there was “something” from naropa

there for me…application info, visitation flyer, etc.

nudges from the universe?

am i listening?

how will i know?

will i trust?

nudges from the friendly universe

the application is “due” in mid-january 2009 for

entry into the summer intensive residential program at naropa

for three consecutive summers…

back during my tep teach training days

i created a five year plan for what other continuing education

i would pursue as a “lifelong learner”

getting national certification was one of them

and the naropa contemplative ed. training was another…

this will be my 6th year in a classroom!

wow wow wow!  i can’t believe i made it!

and it will have been, according to a dear friend,

13 years since our memorable college years

wooooowie wowwww!

what am i looking to “initiate” for myself this year?

on this ONE year, what am i looking to initiate for myself?

have i fulfilled and completed parts of my spiritual reparative work that

was part of this year’s path and focus?

i know i do feel different these days…

slightly or even more seriously…

after the ONE year episodes of

getting laid off and rehired, and uncle’s passing

and the summer of love and mitotes and…

all these shifts and turnings from the inside and out

what will i “initiate” for myself as this ONE year comes to a close?

is this nudge from the Universe, to lean in the direction of naropa

part of the communication?



this moment and this breath

bring me back to my
True Home
May your days be well

May your days be filled with health

May your days be filled with happiness

May you experience it fully with ease…

With metta,


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