Vote 2008 (ii)

Posted on October 3, 2008


Listened in tonight

for the VP debate

…found myself

clapping at some points

during the night for Biden

…WAKE UP AMERICA is what he said towards the end

and I was surely feelin’ that

…heard about the “maverick” qualities

of Palin and McCain

and thought about how being maverick and being a leader

can be two sides of a different kinda coin…

where has being MAVERICK gotten us? Or where will it get us?

it rings of individualism, yes? and doin’ what i need to do…

i guess as i’ve been leaning into this election more and more

as the days come closer to november, inside i am thinking about

how the changing way of Life on our Planet, of sangha and cooperation

of the United States being influential but not in the way it has before…

of 2012 and the Great Shift and how this election, in the discourse of “that side” and “this side”…are there clues and moments and opportunities to see how planetary conscious evolution is embedded deeply in this process?

I’m not sure what I am wanting to see…

more a feeling actually

that this “maverick” energy

seems suspicious

that it feels old and overused and no longer revelant at this point in time

cooperation, interdependence, compassion and understanding…

it all sounds good, sometimes the mind says, too good to be true…

but then again, what is the option?

what is the option other than seeing the Other

as Our Self…

somehow when i write that, i seem to count out the “other” side out of this…

🙂 if you know what i mean…

where is my compassion for those with whom i don’t agree…


(praktising through this period, Vote 2008…breathing through me holding my breath…America, America, let’s do this, let’s do this…)

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