Seeding my reality with intentions

Posted on October 6, 2008


Been feelin’ a bit…

hesitant and inward recently

…and today, got a sense

that i don’t need to be more

inward that i usually am

because i can seed my universe with the intentions

to craft the reality that i seek…

for tomorrow’s meeting

for the meetings that will follow

for the naropa application that will be sent out (before january 2009 hopefully)

for the return of a friend and the reconnection

for the closing of the ONE year

and the beginning of the new…

the feeling of sangha and beginning anew

some semblance of clarity arose within me

maybe the TWO year will be about sangha building

on various levels (at school/work, at the practice center, within myself and the sangha/beneficial elements that support me)

seeding my reality with intentions to encounter mySelf

during the upcoming mitote

seeding my reality with intentions to hear and feel and know clearly

the way to go, the way to complete this year, the way to continue on with my teaching work…

if the intention is wholesome, it is all good to “desire”…


and the praktis of no coming and no going too

the praktis of being all good to receive the completeness of my daily moments

feeling them, living and being with them completely

everything is already here

everything i need, i already have

seeing the fullness and abundance that exists

knowing – recognizing the training that is this moment

do i see my praktis?

do i notice and have awareness about what i am praktising with at this point?

i seed my reality…

to live and teach and relate with ease

to all the moments that constitute

this ONE year completion

gentle gentle gentle birth

yes to that

seeding my reality for a gentle

complete and authentic transition

as a student again for the contemplative education program at naropa

seeding my reality to earn grants and scholarships which will assist

in fully funding my pursuit of contemplative education training

seeding my reality to use this training to offer these techniques  and ways of being with other educators and settings for the benefit of young people growing up now and in the future

seeding my reality to connect with others of like mind (isanghamahal) to support one another’s work, to gather, organize and create the world and the change we wish to see!

seeding my reality to live healthfully and joyfully inside my body

seeding my reality to live with a calm mind

seeding my reality to praktis complete acceptance and presence

seeding my reality to encounter new ways i relate to the Dharma

seeding my reality to release ways of being, vows and energies that no longer serve my deepest truth and being

seeding my reality to courageously, happily and graciously embody the ONE i took birth for

seeding my reality to know how to support my students towards returning to their breaths and bodies

seeding my reality to work harmoniously, powerfully and creatively with my colleagues

seeding my reality to craft projects with students to encounter the deep, rich basis of their lives through food + culture + identity

seeding my reality to experience the subtle joys of the fall season

seeding my reality to be full of health and wellness as the seasons transition

seeding my reality…

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