Desert Mitote

Posted on October 13, 2008


Notes from Mitote with Dove at Senora Anza Borrego Desert

-mitote: conscious divine disorientation, tricking the voices of the monkey mind to gain clarity, get out of my own way and listen to the soul’s voic

-arriving, arriving, arriving, being at Home with mySelf

-calling forth a guide to bring about a new identity

-vortex: metta, sending forth energies, feelings and intentions from a place that resonates with the rest of the world

-effort is part of the language of the ego whereas intention, living from the place of intention arises from the place of the soul, where the entire universe supports our undertaking to manifest Life

-by energetically knowing how to navigate the ego’s disorientation, we are taking roles as leaders, holding down a frequency that that is clear, coherent, compassionate in the midst of crisis

-remain watchful and observant of how Life and Consciousness reorganizes itself post-mitote

-tools of Consciousness, everything can be used as a tool of Awakening and of Consciousness (the wind, the plants, the earth, the rocks, the sounds, dreams…everything is vibrating and communicating).

-People and Plant Kingdom have a long, intimate history.  Our subtle bodies “know” plants…but as urban dwellers, we do not always activate this part of ourself to explore the communication-connection that exists between us.  W

-Seeking spiritual communication / communion…what does communication / communion / union / coming together in union look like for me?  How do I show up and manifest in this lifetime?  GENTLE BIRTH!  🙂  What sensibilities can I develop, open up to, welcome in for me to gain greater communicative abilities and connections with the Universe, with my Soul, with Life?

I am opening to this, opening to allowing myself to merge more closely with All That Is on Planet Earth in a way that allows me to know my role and my place and my offering in this life.  I am open to spiritual communication – connection that clarifies my Identity and shines the Light on the Way to go.  I am open to listening, to seeing, to feeling, to dreaming, to sensing Life beyond how I have previously experienced my senses for the greater purpose of using this Awareness to assist myself and others on this Life Journey to live in Harmony with the Planet and with one another.




to spiritual communication






spiritual communication

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