Post Mitote Mindfulness Moment: Spiritual Communication

Posted on October 18, 2008


Spiritual Communication…

true spiritual communication

being in harmony with all parts of my life

…venus in the 8th house of deep sharing

is where i B at today

stay solid and don’t move away

from that which i am not use to…

particularly around communicating my feelings

and using my feelings as my ally, using the

power of feelings as my ally

spiritual communication

expanding “my” idea of what this actually is

personalizing it

owning it

expanding it and

allowing it to influence all

parts of my life, all parts

of my Being

accepting and receiving the teaching as it unfolds each day

spiritual communication

saying what i feel inside to say

and knowing i can take it back

“not holding back, this is not the time to be holding back”


what is the difference between “postponing”

and/or living the moment in mindfulness

am i hiding behind my mindfulness

do i need to get anywhere? be someone?

spiritual communication ancestors guides and teachers

show me the way to know the Way to go

where spiritual communication and wakefulness exist

where engagement with the world

where spiritual communication, communion, connection

with my everyday life is occurring

but from a place of Truth and Wakeful Being

…what is there to say?

…is there anything I am holding back?

…sitting with this, breathing with this, holding this in my awareness

…what do I feel? Must I express it? In doing so, is it because I “want” something to come of out this experience?

Making this bigger than it needs to be, I’m feeling now. Own it, integrate it and Trust that things will work out however they will, as long as I continue to embody my Truth.

Post mitote mindfulness moment

spiritual communication

harmony within myself

harmony with my relationships

harmony with how i communicate with my relationships

spiritual communication

post mitote mindfulness moment


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