November Memories

Posted on November 30, 2008



• Shining the Light praktis with Kalyanamitra ~X

• A wonderful week break from regular routine and heart sharings with dear Friend

• New Praktis Gatha

Breathing in, I relax into expanding boundaries

Breathing out, I embrace that which the Universe brings my way

In, expanding

Out, embrace

• Hearing from a friend that my energy tends to give more than receive.

• Plant as Teachers teachings

• Moments of shared telepathic communication, spiritual communication, coincidences and perfect timing…

• Gentle births, celebrations and preparations for the closing month of the ONE year

(BELOW: report for Taurus, November 2008.  There were definitely “coincidences” from this report and how energies of the day unfolded for me.)

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Your November Horoscope by Susan Miller

Taurus Horoscope for November 2008

By Susan Miller

The month starts off with a happy development. Neptune, the planet of imagination and artistic expression, will turn direct after having been retrograde since May 26. For you, dear Taurus, Neptune has been positioned at the very top of your chart since 1998, moving through your tenth house of honors, awards, and career. Neptune is set to stay there until 2012, plenty of time to fully express all you have to give the world.

During the first five months of this year, you probably felt things were going well and you were building momentum, but then suddenly you have a chance to be outstandingly creative in your career and will continue to be in the years ahead. In fact, with Neptune so highly elevated, you have the ability to be known for your visionary contributions to your industry. When Neptune retrogrades, as it has been over the past six months, it’s hard to get approvals and to see progress. Conditions clouded your road ahead, and you were unsure of what to do. Now, all that changes, and the fog will lift. You should see heartening news in the days that closely follow November 2.

Partnership plans will be on your mind too as the month opens, thanks to a very positive and friendly new moon that appeared in your seventh house of partnership last month on October 29. That new moon is still being helpful to you, as you entertain the idea of teaming up with another person. Some Taurus readers may get engaged, while others will form business partnerships. Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and moon are all working together with that new moon to give you the impetus to act now, rather than to table plans for a later month. It truly is a time to explore the possibilities together, or to even actually commit. If you were signing a business partnership, perfect days to sign papers would be November 10, 15, or 29.

If you were born on April 25 or within five days of this date, you will benefit most from the new moon that appeared at the end of October.

Your best week will fall at mid-month when, on November 10, the mighty Sun will signal Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck and bearer of happiness. Jupiter is in your house of international travel and relationships, so you may be talking about taking a long trip or negotiating a very exciting global deal with an associate based in a foreign country.

This whole period of the year glitters brightly for travel, but just how wonderful it will get for you overall will not be fully revealed until next month. In that respect, you’ll only see the tip of the iceberg in November, dear Taurus. This trend is about to get bigger and better by December’s last week, so perhaps this month you’ll make plans or hear encouraging news that you will act on next month. Wow! Planetary vibes in your travel and learning house come by only once a decade, and you’re getting this now.

There are all kinds of possibilities in the works for you. Any venture having to do with publishing, broadcasting, or academia will glow brightly for you. You may be negotiating a book deal or hear of a chance to write a regular column or blog on the Internet. You may become a contributing editor in a magazine or newspaper, or host or produce a radio or TV show. All these areas could not possibly be better for you! Even in this case, next month will bring things to an even higher level of excitement, so stay the course.

If you are in a court case and are awaiting word about an outcome, very shortly you should be happy about what you hear back. If you don’t get good news on November 10 or 11, then chances are good that you will hear later, at the end of December, assuming the court can deliver word that soon. If you think that’s too soon for the court to state a decision, then consider whether you want to offer an olive branch.

You are likely to get a better legal outcome in 2008 than in the New Year. Jupiter will leave its favorable position for you in legal matters on January 5, 2009, not to return for 12 years. (If you have Gemini rising, you will have another year of luck immediately and you can relax. Your rising sign can only be determined by having your chart done – if you know your rising sign, then read for it.)

It may be worth trying to settle with the disputing party now, while lovely rays glow for you, dear Taurus. If this is a very serious question, I feel you should consult a private astrologer in your city, so that you make an informed decision.

If you need to sort out a family or property matter, it appears you and a partner, or you and an expert, will come to a joint decision together, rather than be done completely on your own. This month’s strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration would make this so. You may be fine with this, for two heads are almost always better than one, and you’ll both be able to examine all parts of the plan.

Your big moment will come at the full moon in Taurus on November 13 – all good things will flow at this moment in time, and you’ll see something come to a grand finale. If you were born on May 12, or within five days of this date, you will feel the effects and benefits of this full moon quite dramatically. This full moon will tie in beautifully to Jupiter (luck and gifts), Uranus (surprises), and Saturn (stability), forming a beautiful gold triangle in the sky.

Your focus on partners will shift at mid-month to finances as soon Mars, the planet of energy, moves into your house of joint financial matters. You seem to be very focused on money, but it could be for any number of reasons. You may be forming a business or dividing the proceeds of one if you are closing yours.

Mars will cause credit card balances to rise, so you would be best to delay any big expenses if you can until on or just after December 27. Be careful not to purchase any expensive electronic equipment however as you get close to Mercury retrograde January 11. It would be best to act on that purchase in late December to leave a good deal of space between the date of your purchase and January 11.

I should warn you that next month, on December 12, there will be difficult a full moon in your house of personal income and outgo. That full moon will be a hard one for everyone of every sign. Falling in Gemini, that full moon will bring Uranus, the moon, Sun, Saturn, and Mars to exact, tight, and angry angles.

Knowing that things are reaching a full point for your finances in a few weeks, you might be able to anticipate what could come up. I feel badly having to warn you about this moment that is set to arrive just prior to Christmas and Hanukkah, but this financial full moon might prove difficult and perhaps you can find a way to head things off.

This full moon next month on December 12 will be hardest on mutable signs (Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Virgo), so you may not have any news hit you directly. Play it safe anyway by watching what you spend in November. A large unexpected expense may come up, or you may get another kind of financial surprise. If you allow for this possibility, you might be able to fully protect yourself against any sudden shifts. (This is one prediction I hope I am wrong about.)

Romantically, you tend to always do well when your ruler, Venus, is busy meeting and greeting other planets. Venus’ job is to take good care of you, and this month she does, quite glamorously! The only day when you would need to be careful in matters of the heart is when Venus will run up against Uranus on November 3 and cause your social life to go haywire in a very unexpected way.

November 5 will be special, for that’s when Venus will dance with Neptune – the world will be filled with glitter dust and you won’t want this evening to end.

On November 9-10, friends will bring fun ideas, invitations, and surprises. These days should be outstanding. November 13 will be divinely intense and full, and over November 27-28, when Venus and Uranus will dance together, you’ll reach the most exciting two days of the month for romance. If you are single and hope to meet someone new, it seems so possible this month.

After that, November 29 brings a lovely, quiet, possibly serious talk, possibly with a look at the long road ahead, thanks to Saturn in lovely angle to Venus.

The new moon on November 27 (plus two weeks) will allow you to launch a new financial initiative. You may seek venture capital to start your own business, negotiate for better perks in your company, ask a bank for a mortgage, or apply for a scholarship or financial aid. If you’ve not been pleased with a payout that you’ve been offered by an insurance company, you can appeal. If child support or other monies owed you have not been forthcoming, you may file court papers. Show your muscle – you’ve got awesome planetary support now for correcting financial situations.

The month ends on a grand crescendo November 30-December 1. On that remarkable set of days, Venus will move to a perfect mathematical conjunction to Jupiter in a rare annual event. If you can, travel with your sweetheart or spouse, for if you do, together you’ll spin a memory.

Your most romantic evenings: November 5, 8-10, 11-12, 27-28, and 29.


This month, your personal relationship will take center stage. If you’ve been dating a long time, you may think about whether you feel ready to promise your love forever. If you feel ready to commit your love, it looks like your partner will, too. You may decide to wed by the full moon November 13, plus or minus three days. Saturn will be sweetly angled, so promises made will be promises kept for a very long time, likely forever. If the time near the full moon November 13-16 marks the time of your engagement or marriage, you’ve surely chosen an ideal time to do so.

An engagement or marriage would be only one example of possible manifestation of this lively full moon, November 13, plus or minus four days. You may sign up an agent, hire a publicist, or sign a business partner or collaborator. If you ARE an agent, you may link to a new talent. All kinds of collaborations will shine and you should do well together in the future.

You may sense that others seem to have a bit more control than you do over events and agreements, so accept that situation and go with it. Trying to get hold of the reins will prove fruitless and would not even be necessary. The planets this month will be truly harmonious, so you may feel relieved not to have to plan and manage every detail yourself. You will have qualified help, so enjoy the collaboration.

Indeed, November will bring some of the sweetest, most cooperative, and harmonious planetary vibes you’ve seen in ages. Circle the week of November 9 to 15 when you’ll have outstanding luck from people based in foreign countries, or with those who are foreign citizens but living in your city. This could be the month you become truly “international” in scope. If possible, travel for fun spontaneously – and bring along a significant other, too. Try not to travel for work. Star power this generous is meant to be enjoyed in a carefree way if possible.

The full moon, November 13, will fall in Taurus, and will mark an important time of the year for you, for something of critical importance to you is coming to culmination. Something you’re working on may now may finish or reach a key new phase, or you may announce a decision or a new direction. If you were born on or within four days of May 11, you’ll feel this full moon more so than your Taurus friends.

Once you reach the new moon on November 27, you will be able to make some important financial arrangements to solidify your future. You can revise your portfolio, decide on how to improve your credit score, set up a savings plan, apply for a bank mortgage, or present to venture capitalists, or even open talks with a soon-to-be-ex to see if you can find a way to divide your property and come up with a settlement together, without court dictate. (This month would be a good time to offer ideas to the other side, particularly on or near November 12 and 13.)

Romantically, Venus will be a virtual chatterbox, meeting and greeting other planets, all on your behalf. Venus will work hard for you, so sit back and enjoy the fuss. The only tough day is when she has a tiff with Uranus on November 3. Avoid that day and you’ll be set!

It’s hard to believe you’d have a dull social life in November! Venus will do everything in her power to bring you a happy and memorable month. What a way to glide into the holidays!

Key dates to remember:

Romance: November 5, 8-10, 11-12, 27-28, and 29.

Start a new fitness plan: November 1-2. Results will be so strong, sure, and successful, you’ll be shocked.

The full moon in Taurus will culminate a dream or desire: November 13.

Get engaged or choose a business partner: November 1-13.

Foreign people and travel overseas are VERY lucky: November 9-14.

Prepare financially for an unexpected expense or financial surprise at the full moon December 12 – so sorry to have to say this. (Hope I am wrong for you!)

Start up new financial initiatives: November 27 plus two weeks.

Travel with your sweetheart / spouse: November 29-December 1.

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