ONE Year in Review – Part 1

Posted on December 7, 2008


Spoke to Dove today, running into him at the Controversial Bookstore.  Share about the mitote and how, among other things, the mitote experiences are about the “hero/heroine/shaman” showing up in those dark and mysterious places and dealing, making sense and relating to this reality.  Now, we might be experiencing the HERO/HEROINE/ SHAMAN inside of us more often, more familiar with his/her PRESENCE, in real-time, we are knowing that our work is both on the material and the energetic/intentional level and we engage skillfully.  TO BE AT THIS PLACE is to show competence. To have an inner language, vocabulary  and relationship to this place, to have access.  When we are praktising amidst our HEROICS, then we are in COMMUNICATION with the UNIVERSE.  And that’s why the SHAMAN ALWAYS WINS…

I shared about my teaching work and how differently the quality of my energy feels with some of my classes.  Dove explained that I am teaching my students not just from standardized curriculum, but also from the place of consciousness and presence.  And the “teaching” itself is occurring in various levels beyond the curriculum, the worksheet, the paper, the notes.

I appreciated that way of helping me to know clearer, and in more articulate ways, what I am experiencing.  I know it feels good, but it is not directly quantifiable or measurable, at least not right now.

Dove also shared about deep psychic sovereignty an expression akin to soul self-determination.  That the struggles we’ve had within our communities throughout history have the same quality of development, and even intersect strongly, with our own processes of evolution.

“Compassion is Revolution” stated one of the bumper stickers at the bookstore.  Clearly, clearly, compassion is its own path to inner and outer revolution.

[And WWBD?  What Would Barack Do? ]

This is the time, more than ever, this is the time to manifest and live, work and create from that place within us, to rise to the challenge and STEP UP into the ONES we have been called to BE.  We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For…

This isn’t just for inspiration, the next phrase is TRULY BEING THE ONE and STEPPING INTO OURSELF & WHAT WE KNOW OURSELF TO BE.

Express Yourself.  Now more than ever, this simple phrase energetically, historically, culturally, physically means more than ever!


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