Winter Break ~ Retreat

Posted on December 20, 2008


Happiness to another fall semester completion and healthy ending to another year of Life.  I begin my winter break today 🙂 looking forward to the openness of time that is ahead of me.

What will I fill my moments with???

The Winter Soulstice arrives tomorrow, 12/21/08 and so I am planning on going to Deer Park to initiate my Beginning Anew praktis with the Sangha.  Nothing formal, or perhaps I should look into something more formal?  I simply want to re-establish myself in Sangha and the Praktis in a more committed way in 2009, returning and coming back Home, Home, Home.

Who is the ONE being born or who is the ONE that has been born…as the year comes to a close?   I’ve been contemplating that for the last few months.  A lot comes to mind, feelings and people and “learnings”, growth and realizations and shadows too of course.  What is being BORN in this ONE year?  What Gentle Birth have I experienced?

  • CRAZY WISDOM OF THE HEART PRAKTIS:  meeting the Beloved and connecting on an emotional level, heart level with the Other.  Stretching the boundaries of my usual Being to include Her and praktising, praktising, praktising, observing, seeing, feeling…bringing my attention and awareness to the present moment that exists inside of me at any given moment, in relation to Her.  The Beloved is what has emerged to greet me as this ONE year comes to a close.  The Beloved inside and outside of me…what has been BORN.  And through it all, this space of non-knowing, this way of Being beyond the boundaries of my usual known self, this way of expanding to include all moments in compassion, spaciousness, love and understanding…I am calling it CRAZY WISDOM OF THE HEART.  Crazy, but in a good, wholesome, expansive, healing, challenging, surprising, Life Living Affirming way!
  • HOME PRAKTIS:  Sitting here, writing here, breathing here, drinking tea here, cleaning and clearing here.  What to keep and what to throw away and release?  What to keep and what to throw away?  Materially, emotionally, psychically?  Cleaning up the Home space.  Arriving, Arriving, Home, Home…
  • SOULSTICE GATHERING WITH OLD FRIENDS:  On Monday, 12/22, Dear Friends will gather to talk about the ONE year (2008), reviewing and reflecting upon what has happened as well as giving insights and teachings about the TWO year (2009) and what energies and supports will be present for us.  Happiness to have my shamanic sangha friends to reconnect with and Be Ourselves around.
  • EXPANSION IN 2009?  Looking into “going back to skool” in the field of contemplative education.  We’ll see what arises to support me in that endeavor!
  • GRATITUDE PRAKTIS:  All the good things that have come my way this year, all the Blessings and supportive energy that has allowed Gentle Birth Awareness to emerge and settle inside of me, recognizing myself, mirroring my being back…
  • WINTER RETREAT AT DEER PARK:  Holiday Retreat for Renewing Body & Mind at Deer Park Monastery from 12/27/2008 to 1/1/2009!   Right ’round the corner!  Beginning anew!  YES YES YES!  Present moment, healing moment…
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