Winter Retreat Part II

Posted on December 24, 2008


Met up with wonderful soul shamanic sangha friends yesterday…our third annual gathering (with several moments during the year too) to catch up about the ONE year (2008) and then to talk about 2009…which surprise, surprise to me is actually an 11 year, a master number…a master number gateway number!
Visualize the number 11 being a gateway.  Already, that was enough for me.  I enjoy learning from the teachings of Michael Dove ( and this year, he said, will be one where my sense of Self will become more and more defined, through work, but especially through my travels abroad.  Inside, I heard myself say:  YES THAILAND, YES MALAYSIA, YES KECHARA HOUSE, YES NEPAL, BURMA — YES SOUTHEAST ASIA, I’M COMIN’ HOME!

Actually, having been born and raised in the Philippines, I can already claim S.E. Asia, but then again, the part of S.E. Asia I am speaking of are the places where the Buddhadharma has taken root.  I am excited to continue exploring what this trip this year might look like for myself.  Most likely, it will occur over the Summer of 2009, and I hope for at least 6 weeks!  I’ve had other ideas for 2009, such as going back to school (contemplative education at Naropa, High Tech High GSE at San Diego, etc.) but I was also feeling that I need to return to my original intention to take this trip (postponed because of lay-off period last year)…

SO…here is that intention again, rising back to the top and reminding myself to give it some more attention, to water it some more to see what develops.  I’m glad Dove served as another friendly reminder too.  After taking this trip and returning, I know my inner self will be much clearer (hopefuly 🙂 and more settled about how to continue on…

I hope to start at Kechara House in Kuala Lumpur and stay there for a week, and then plan my trip to up via train or bus to Bangkok, and then perhaps even to Burma — or NEPAL!  It’s just right around the other side there…or Cambodia too, Vietnam YES…Indonesia to the south…excitable energy all around.



I just received a text message from a dear friend that she was heading to the Philippines during the winter holidays and was on an LA bound train from San Diego to get to LAX.  Auspiciousness!?

I’m sure I’ll be writing about this some more as the year continues and Friendly Universe, may all conditions align smoothly, easily, gracefully and abundantly for this trip to Southeast Asian to manifest in a good way.




Will be writing some more about the 11 year (2009 = 2+0+0+9 = 11) Master Number through Michael Dove’s teachings.

I’m waiting to hear from Deer Park about the Holiday Retreat, having forgotten to register yesterday and now online registration is closed…Hope they get back to me and I’ll be able to register late with some other friends.

Contemplating a Dear Friend’s proposal to explore movement and “dance” as a method and praktis of Knowing and Being.

Feeling gratitude for Kalyanamitras who have supported my heart opening experiences and transformations…watering the seeds for heart reawakenings in the midst of deep friendships and relationships…praktising receiving Another, praktising Trust, praktising Surrender and Release in the presence of Another…

Downloading talks by “loco lama” Tsem Tulku Rinpoche…that’s the name I’ve dubbed him because he is ONE CRAZZZZY TEACHER in the best of ways of course.  Inspiring to hear him share about his experiences at Gaden Monastery, his teachers, guru devotion, self-cherishing mind, and not only being in the Dharma, but having the Dharma inside of you.  Kinda like how I was really brusque with my mother just a few minutes ago on the phone???  Anyways, happiness in re-organizing the talks I did already have and finding a way to finally save .wma audio files.

My wonderful Powerbook’s been so good to me.  I have not always treated my tech friend here so well having dropped PB several times already this year…but I’m very grateful because PB is always here for me when I get inspired to download or listen or blog or look up pictures or write up some things, re-read some things, etc.  My spiritual communication with Heart Friend is also being facilitated by PB…may we have more wonderful years ahead PB!

ONE YEAR (2008)

Who is the ONE being born?

ELEVEN YEAR ~ MASTER NUMBER (2009) responds:

BE the ONE that has been BORN!

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