Winter Retreat Part III

Posted on December 24, 2008


Deer Park Monastery HOLIDAY RETREAT registration was filled up.  So fellow dharma brother and I will set up a lil’ mindfulness schedule for ourselves out here starting on Saturday.  All good!

I visited the New Dharma Center for Urban Peace website and it looks like it is being updated — inaccessible at this time.

Michael Dove will be here on Friday at 3pm along with other friends to celebrate his Eldership!

Been wondering around the internet world and found a website with a pic from Angkor Wat (!!!) with caption that read:

The path we’ve chosen has chosen us.

Lovin’ it!

Entering the gate

of the 11 year

The gate I have chosen

the Mastery and Healing

that I took Birth for

Being the ONE that has been BORN

Listening closely to the spiritual communication

occurring inside and outside of me

Watering the seeds to complete my Motherland

Homecoming to that place known as Southeast Asia

…a deep familiarity and resonance to that place

to the colors, the “foods”, the sounds

a ancient-present memory of some place I have dreamed about before

a blessings opening up inside of me…

that reminds me of where I was in a previous lifetime

a reminder of what I may continue in this lifetime


I feel so close to you, Three Precious Jewels

A child of the Awakened One

Stumbling to make my Way back Home…

Hearing the invitation to

make my Way back Home…

to the Refuge in my Heart

to the monastery of my soul

Praktis Isanghamahal

Coming Full Circle








How fruitful this Winter Retreat Break has been already…

All these Inspirations and Aspirations for walking into the New Year in a good way…

What is arriving?  And what will be released?

What to nurture and what to discard?

What is coming and what is going?



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