Winter Retreat 2008- Part IV

Posted on December 25, 2008


RETREAT: TAKE IV (multiple attempts)

What do I mean by retreat?   And am I really retreatin’ when I keep going online or answering text messages or thinking about what to do later???

Maybe I’m overthinking it, or maybe I’m giving myself “credit” for something that I am actually not doing…




I can just simply let the experience BE.

Yes, that feels much better.

I am though, committing to giving myself some semblance of a retreat experience these next few days or so…mindful working, mindful cleaning, mindful emailing, mindful texting, etc.  I’m setting some boundaries for what I will be doing.  I’m telling myself that to simply stay at home…or some variation of that for even a few hours here and there will be good.  My INTENTION is to create space inside myself to welcome in the New Year.  My INTENTION is to create space inside myself, to hold an opening within myself to invite forth that which is ARISING & ARRIVING within me.  What is that you ask?  More a feeling than a knowing.  I hope that’s a sign of wellness, rather than me replacing one way of being for another — only to cause more confusion!

Looking outside, I can feel the cool of the rains and winds beyond the windowpane.  The grass that I thought had “died” because I had not attended to it has begun to grow again…rains, rains, conditions, favorable conditions.   It’s amazing knowing how barren the front yard was and now, because of the week’s worth of rains, the seeds have manifested :-).  Miracle, miracle, miracle.

During this retreat, I aspire to create space for the New Year by simply being, simply breathing, simply connecting to stillness…

During this retreat, I aspire to receive the energies, experiences and teachings brought about by Dear Heart Friend and to create space for new understandings, developments and shared experiences in the coming year with the Beloved.

During this retreat, I aspire to connect with the ONE inside myself that is emerging and Entering the Gate.  I aspire to support the ONE inside myself by not only listening to its dharma talk, but by committin’ to my own dharma walk, taking the Path in front of me.  “The path we have chosen has chosen us…” Lovin’ that!

During this retreat, I aspire to BEGIN ANEW my relationship to the generous, loving, caring, compassionate praktis communities with whom I had a chance to know.

During thie retreat, I aspire to communicate to the Friendly Universe my INTENTIONS for 2009 and to request support and guidance to making these INTENTIONS MANIFEST if it is for the highest good of all concerned.

During this retreat, I aspire to complete my daily tasks in mindfulness, to complete my “to-do” list in awareness…and to take small breaks in between to reconnect to my breath and my body various times during the day!

During this retreat, I aspire to…

(to be continued…)

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