Winter Retreat – Christmas Eve

Posted on December 25, 2008


Spent the evening with family tonight.  First Christmas mass at the family church.  Then, over to my sister’s house, the family party house.  Caught up with my relatives, cousins, aunts and even met my brother’s future mother in law, as plans are underway for him to get married in the spring of 2009.

Spoke to one of my cousins who was talking about the fallacies about our economic system and how money actually doesn’t have any real value, except the one we have agreed upon, for better or worse.  It was interesting…

Thought about Heart Friend and was a bit late in tuning in ~ 9:15pm.  Warmed up some tea and sat for a bit…

Breathing in, Life

Breathing out, Happiness

…while sending Loving Kindness Metta, Health and Well-Being her way as well as a 🙂

Hope you receive some part of that message…

Been hanging out around the house these past two days.   Have a friend coming over tomorrow.  Did not really do the  presents things this year.  Usually, I at least give the lil’ cousins envelopes, but did not even do that!  What happened?

Nonetheless, things are good.  Tomorrow is Christmas Day.  And then, the rest of the week leading up to New Year’s is right around the corner.




May all beings find happiness and the causes of happiness.

May all beings be free…

Tiempos de luz

De renacimiento

Tanto agradecimento


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