Winter Retreat – Part V

Posted on December 26, 2008


Maybe writing on this thing is part of the retreat experience???  Some type of consistency…consistency in hearing/writing/listing my inconsistencies, distractions, habit energies, etc.


allowing myself to simply BE in this way, no judging, no complicating it further with my thinking, just creating spaciousness to see through to the nature of my “blogging…”

communication with myself.  documenting, archiving, marking the point.  oh, how far i must be from the gateway???  🙂

last night, was looking on youtube for “the words of my perfect teacher” film and happened upon other clips from dzongsar khyentse rinpoche who’s website is  interesting, interesting, interesting stuff.  the dharma world so rich.  he gave a talk about projecting buddhism to the west (taken from his film work) and another talk based on his book, “what makes you NOT buddhist.”  a couple of times in one of the talks, he calls himself a buddhist jihadi.  he calls out the things that the west projects are buddhism, when sometimes these praktises end up looking very watered down, or “diluted” as he says.  a good thing for me to think about, what my praktis is, or how i understand it.  i recalled him referencing what i’ve heard from Thay as the three dharma seals: aimlessness, signlessness, emptiness.  interesting stuff…

there was a talk that he gave about the nature of pilgrimages that i’m thinking about getting to prepare for MOTHERLAND SOUTHEAST ASIA & WHEREVER ELSE I GET TO BE!:

The pilgrim is not an ordinary tourist who travels for entertainment or for the pleasure of sightseeing. Buddha himself advised us to visit those places where he was born, attained Enlightenment, preached the First Sermon and where he passed away into Parinirvana with a feeling of reverence.

Visiting the places of pilgrimage with the right men�tal attitude can bring benefit to our spiritual practice as one is able to purify one’s thought, speech and action.
Using as examples Lumbini, Bodh Gaya, Sarnath  e Kushinagar, which were the places suggested by the Buddha, Khyentse Rinpoche will address the external, internal and secret aspects of pilgrimage and will make a parallel of the meaning of these dimensions in the Buddhist practice.

May the path open widely and smoothly ahead…





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