Winter Retreat 2008 – Part VI

Posted on December 27, 2008


Evening celebration of Michael Dove’s Eldership tonight and a surprise visit from a dear Friend from college who now lives in Oakland also showed up.  Interesting, interesting conversations and time/space/being shared together.  Happiness!  I’m glad we all had a chance to enjoy being together and sharing a bit of ourselves in the presence of Dove’s Eldership.  I wasn’t thinkin’ about him as an Elder as much, but tonight, he gave a short talk about it…enough to clue me into the fact that this role is significant, not because he has it, but because we are all witness to someone in our community taking on the responsibility of the community’s spiritual wellness.  We are all Elders in one way or another…in our own right then.   We are the ONES for so many others.

A bright and joyous surprise too meeting up with a good ole’ friend who reveals, as we all have…that she too has been explorin’ Paths and ways of being beyond our common grounds when we left the university.  How appropriate, I had my UCSD sweatshirt on, and now, it feels much different, how I orient to that period of my life…sweet nostalgia with awareness and presence of what I have become…am becoming.  So, back to the point: she shares about changes that have occurred during the ONE year and how her prayers, meditations, and spiritual praktises have also expanded into “Pagan” praktises especially around candle work and focusing-gathering one’s energies.  She shared too about how her camera’s been taking pictures of “orbs of light” and lo’ and behold, tonight, in some of the pics we took, there were these “spots” around Michael and various other snapshots.  Wowwww!

Dove shared too about LOVE, about teaching with LOVE the art of language, writing, reading & communication.  And that human beings, in our state, continue on because of LOVE.  We feel connected, we are part of something, our presence, our mindfulness, our showing up matters.  LOVE.  Yes, that’s the note the evening ended on.  How appropriate huh?  And we wouldn’t have it any other way right?





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