Taurus Astrology (January 2009)

Posted on December 31, 2008



Breathing in, expanding boundaries…

Breathing out, embracing, receiving…

I am open to the wonderful gifts and opportunities

arriving, destined through the magnificent perfection and

organization of Dear Friendly Universe.

The astrological news below is very encouraging and inspiring. I step in mindfulness, in completeness, sharing Love back to the Beloved Source.

Palms together,


Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

Taurus Forecast for January 2009

By Susan Miller

If you’ve wondered when your ship would come in, the answer is in late January or February, or very soon thereafter, dear Taurus. I am referring to your career, for the goodies that Jupiter is about to bring you are to be quite substantial!

Over the past decade, Jupiter, planet of good fortune, has slowly journeyed through various parts of your horoscope, spending a year in each sector. Each sector of your horoscope (or “house”) rules a different part of your life, and now the part of your chart ruling leadership and reward for work well done is about to be brilliantly lit.

On January 5, Jupiter will climb to the pinnacle point or your horoscope, which is your tenth house of honors and career achievement. Once there, Jupiter will help you see reward for the hard work you’ve done for your career over the past decade, reaching back as far as 1997.

The harder and smarter you worked, the greater the rewards will be in 2009. Jupiter only rarely comes by this house. Your next visit after this one won’t happen again until late 2020 through 2021. Make 2009 count for you.

In the coming year, you won’t lack attention or special favor from VIPs. It will be critical to know precisely what you would like to achieve by year’s end, for when a bigwig asks you, “How can I help you?” you will need a ready answer. The person who will be asking will be genuinely interested in helping you get ahead. As a practical Taurus, you know that this kind of extraordinary favor doesn’t come along frequently. Blink and the opportunity will flutter away. Be decisive and be ready!

It will also be important that you set priorities. Jupiter is known to expand everything he touches, including your options, so this year, you may be tempted to spread yourself too thin by running in too many directions. You might be offered a whole candy store of options, so when this happens chose carefully. Admittedly, it will be hard not to just grab everything in sight, for you don’t know when the cornucopia will open again for you. Follow your intuition, but do be choosy. Pick the ones that you feel offer the greatest long term potential for you and you’ll be right on track.

What makes January so extraordinary is that one planetary alignment will build on another in rapid succession to create something quite big and special. Truly, the best months of all of 2009 will occur now, in January and February, for these months will set the tone of the coming decade. Your choices now will be THAT important!

All year you will find yourself standing at the right place at the right time, with all the right credentials to capture your dream position or role.

If you are self-employed, you can now sign new clients that have the power to take you into much more important realms – you too may feel forever changed by what happens in your career in 2009. Publicity should come to you and the buzz about you quite wonderful.

Your first indication that extraordinary professional luck is on the way will occur on what I call “the luckiest day of the year” when the great benefic, Jupiter, will conjoin with the mighty Sun on January 24 on the East Coast, and January 23 on the West Coast of the USA. In England this will happen January 24 in the wee hours of the morning, at 5:44 AM GMT.

For all practical purposes, no matter where on the globe you live, circle January 23, the day when the power of this aspect is will be building to culmination. A planetary aspect is always at the strongest point the day it builds.

Just after Jupiter meets with the Sun on January 23, you have another big day, equally important.

On January 26, there will be a major solar eclipse, creating an opening for your career that could take your breath away. It looks like someone very high level will help you climb to the very top of the mountain and give you a panoramic view you’ve never seen before. You will begin to see your capabilities and your future through a new prism, and it will be exciting, thrilling, scary, and new, all rolled into one.

Eclipses are some of the most powerful tools the universe uses to create change and opportunity. Not all eclipses are friendly, but this one is quite sweet and bright in every way.

Even if something should happen that you deem “not good” keep an open mind. This eclipse is intent on sending you up, up, up the totem pole, so if your company downsizes your job as a result of this eclipse (and that is NOT indicated, but it could happen because I can’t see everything in your chart), then let them keep their old job. You won’t want it! You’ll get something infinitely better as a result and you’ll be glad the universe pulled you out of that old job.

Home-related decisions and actions – whether involving new or currently owned property, home renovations, rentals, or purchases or sale of a house or condo – will bring stunningly positive results, too. Circle January 23 and 24 as your two best days to hear news.

Jupiter has been related to miracles, so if you need one in regard to home OR career, don’t give up – Jupiter may bring you one on the home AND career front. There are few elements in our lives as important as what we do for a living and or how we experience our home life, so the developments of this month should warm you to your toes.

Mercury will be retrograde during this time of enormous change, from January 11 to February 1, so you will have to proceed carefully. Mercury in this position shows you will be moving through unfamiliar terrain and you need to sidestep a pothole here or there. The conditions around you will be in rapid flux, a truth you will see only later, in hindsight.

There is one exception to the rule of never talking a job or selling a house when Mercury is retrograde. If you discover that you are given a second chance on buying or selling a real estate deal or are able to try for a career situation again that you assumed was over and done, you can proceed confidently.

Mercury retrograde phases urge us to look back to find things of value from the past. So think of people you know, or opportunities that slipped through your fingers – you may be able to restart those now!

If the situation is brand new, however, ask lots of questions in your meetings, and try to keep your options open. It appears that the conditions on which you are basing your decisions will radically change soon. If you make up your mind now, there is a high probability that you will regret your decision or have to renegotiate things later. Jupiter is showing that you are in hot demand, so play it cool. You can accept anything you want in February, for that would be the ideal time to initiate your actions, too.

News of your new job and also a possible upgrade to living situation could occur in the last week of January, but this trend will get even bigger and more obvious in February when more and more planets gather in Aquarius. This just where you need them to be!

Once Mars arrives in Aquarius on February 4, you should see quite a bit of exciting career action. The good part about February is that you won’t have Mercury retrograde by then, but you will have Mar to keep you front and center on anyone’s short list. By February 20, you should see events speed up even more as Mercury will have passed a certain critical degree by then. It’s all for good!

Travel could also be part of your agenda this month and if so, go early to enjoy the most glimmering vibrations! You may have decided to ring in the New Year on distant, possibly foreign shores, and if so, it was a great idea! You had so many planets in your house of distant travel, all in compatible Capricorn, that it was clear you’d experience tremendous personal growth from any trips you took, the more distant the better. If you need to travel for your job, you should come back very satisfied with the response and you may have the order, too.

Your best time to go away (if you haven’t already traveled in the week between Christmas and New Year’s) would be during the first week of January. That’s when you will still have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in the divine-for-Taurus sign of Capricorn.

The full moon of Saturday, January 10, will fall in your house of short distance travel, so one way or another it looks like you’ll be in a new setting. Considering how you seem to be moving into a new job soon, you might as well travel now. It looks like you’ll be too busy in February.

This full moon could easily bring papers for you to sign, but with Mercury retrograde, I can almost guarantee that some parts of the fine print will need to change. Keep in mind that Mercury acts its worst at the start and end of its retrograde phase: January 9-13 and January 29-February 3. However, I would like you to stay as far away as possible from January 11 to February 1. Try to do all your most important actions in February, and for best luck, leave a few days space after February 1.

Also indicated for you in January will be a lovely opportunity for you to go back to college or to take other types of continuing education classes. If you do so, you’d enjoy so much about your experience – the subject, the institution, the way the teachers explain things, the other students, and the surroundings – the works!

This January would be an ideal time to return to school because Mars, Pluto, and the Sun (as well as the most recent new moon, December 27) will still be shining in your house of knowledge. This part of your chart rules information we take in, but also give out – in that sense, information we share with others. If you work as a professor, and are not a student, you would also benefit in January in regard to any travel, study, or interactions with personnel on the campus where you will be teaching.

Other areas of gain for you include: publishing, broadcasting, Internet, high tech industries, banking and insurance, antiques, and the buying, selling, studying, cataloging, or researching of things of historical value. If you are an archeologist, your services should be in demand, and advancement would be likely.

Those Taurus who are awaiting the results of a court case should find the results in early January to be positive (the earlier, the better).

Financially, one of your very best days to discuss a deal or to make financial decisions will be January 18 and 19. Mercury will make his annual phone call to Jupiter, an extraordinary event, and this year their topic will be to boost your salary and career! Creative projects also glow at that time of the month, plus or minus two days.

Romantically, Venus’ entry into your eleventh house of fun, friends, events, and new faces will be a boon to your social life.

On January 9, when the Sun and Uranus will be so beautifully positioned, you may get invited to an impromptu party or other gathering, and you should go – absolutely! With the moon in Cancer, the Sun and Uranus so perfectly aligned, and Venus in Pisces, you’ll have it made. You will sparkle and you’ll enjoy the guests you meet. A new friendship or romantic interest could easily result, much to your surprise.

The weekend of January 10-11 will link romance and travel to a nearby city, so plan a quick and fun trip in a pretty B&B for one or two nights. Be sure you have the correct address, have your luggage clearly marked, and have confirmed everything in advance. Tape a business card to the back of your iPod and your iPhone or BlackBerry and the bottom of your computer. With Mercury retrograde, you can’t be too careful. We become very forgetful with this planet in retrograde and we misplace our belongings. If you have a business card attached, the item may come back to you. (I even keep my business card in my eyeglass case.)

The days that span from Friday, January 23, through Monday, January 26, should be incredibly happy days. You’ll probably have good news to share then, giving it a strong celebratory flavor, for sure. Mark the moment, dear Taurus!


This month is a marker time, one you will likely look back on and say, “All my career luck began at the start of 2009.”

You may also make a significant breakthrough with a home or real estate matter. What a month!

There are several reasons for your sensational outlook for career progress. Jupiter, planet of good fortune, will be in your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame beginning on January 5 and will stay one year, until January 17, 2010.

On January 18-19, Jupiter will meet with Mercury and help you get extraordinarily good news about money, as well as about your career.

Then the luckiest day of the year arrives, an annual event, when Jupiter visits the Sun on January 23-24. This will be a magnificent meeting, so keep your antenna up for a terrific career opportunity to arise.

In case you don’t quite “get” what is going on in the heavens on your behalf, the universe is also sending you a highly friendly, supportive solar eclipse on January 26 that will fall in your house of fame and honors. This eclipse will open a whole path for you in the six months to follow, but you should see evidence of something happening almost immediately – if nothing occurs near this date, January 26, then watch events one month to the day later, on February 26, plus or minus four days. This eclipse will have the power to change your whole working life.

Your home sector is also glittering, so if you have to make changes, you will find you can, and you’ll achieve precisely the kind of results you had hoped. Pay close attention to the weekend of January 24-25 as your best in the year to make a sale, purchase, or decision about your home or other property.

Romantically, travel and love are linked, so plan a trip away in your pea-green boat, just like the owl and the pussycat, dear Taurus. You may go far or near, as the choice will be up to you, but go you must – the aspects are twinkling brightly. You’ll be working hard soon in your new position, so while you can go – and have so much fun – do!

Dates to Note:

Best romantic days: January 2-3, 5-6, 9-10, 18, 23-25, and 28.

Financial news could make you extraordinarily happy: January 18, but may be felt as soon as January 16.

Mercury will be retrograde: January 11-February 1.

Travel to distant cities: Any time this month, but a trip is doubly special in at start of the month, January 1-6.

Travel to close by locations anytime over the full moon period: January 8-14.

Schedule financial talks: January 18 or 19, your two best for lucrative results.

Career news could be the best in a decade and only gets bigger in February. Your first indication you are about to do well will arrive on January 18-19, plus or minus two days.

Career news will only get bigger, better, and brighter as you go along.

Watch for sudden, special career news to arrive over the luckiest days of the year: January 23, plus or minus one day.

Huge career news is also due: January 25-26 (plus or minus one week), due to the new moon solar eclipse in your house of professional advancement and honors.

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