Winter Retreat 2008 – Part VII

Posted on December 31, 2008


My winter break period is reaching its point where the end is starting to feel closer.  Only because the new year is also closing in, new year’s eve is tomorrow!  All good, all is well, all will be well…

Received a wholesome and vibrant message from Dear Heart Friend, sounding like she is well, doin’ her thang there in D.F. and with more good things to pursue and follow as the January arrives…

The winter break has been generative for us both, although we’ve been sharing time and space through the distance.  I say that, in a positive way, because I think our communication’s been solid to the extent that is can be through email.  As the winter break (moreso for me…) comes to a close, we’ll see how things shift…

I don’t see that in a negative or troubling way, but things will change for sure.  Not as much time to reconnect, or be with family, be in “more familiar” environments.  The New Year will be moving and moving quickly and with great energy.  A dance.  I am not anticipating something “bad” will happen, yet, all things being subject to change, change will definitely arrive to reorient all of us.

I feel a bit scattered now writing this.  Maybe time to go to sleep.

A couple of friends coming over tomorrow to celebrate the countdown!  There’s good stuff at Deer Park Monastery and/or the Dharma Bums Center and I’m sure other cool gatherings around town.  I’m gonna be at home, doin’ my lil’ rituals, some paper burning of aspirations for the New Time arriving, some clearing+cleaning of the house (I always seem to be saying I’m doing that!), some watching or listening to dharma talks online (still need to download the pilgrimage talks by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche) and other things!  Ringing in the New Year 2009 inside the warmtha nd safety of Home, Home, Home, My True Home inside and out.


And happiness for clearing up a charge on my debit card.  Thank you Universe.  And happiness for seeing J, M, J tonight and enjoying J’s Fresh & Spicy Mexican salad!  And for M’s inspired talk to explore a raw food detox diet!  The Universe is conspiring!  The Path we have chosen has chosen us!  That which we seek is also seeking us!

Pay close attention.  Stay positive.  See all possibilities.  There are no coincidences.

Dear Hear Friend,

Happy, Happy New Year 2009 to you!

May you be well.

BE the ONE that has been BORN!  Go!  Be!  Love! Sing!  Dance!  Create!  The Universe awaits your beautiful, buddhaful contributions to the world!



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