Altar Praktis – Activation

Posted on January 3, 2009


Small activation ceremony this morning for altar dedicated to Helpful Friends and Universal Support. Created a mudra and chanted Om Rahuaye Namaha a handful of times as part of the activation ceremony. Thanks to auspiciousheart for the Ganesha Yantra, a gift from a whiles back! It is on the offering plate of the altar. And to OneLoveTrust for the St. Michael’s book on miracles. See…already, Helpful Friends! Happiness!

Light offerings to Dharma Refuge Lineage altar. I remember I had a picture of Thay which I was looking for, but I think I remember it was offered up to dharma brother over the summer. All good. In generosity, he left me so many boxes of incense, as well as a a meditation mat and other good things.

Maybe, just maybe, the conditions to visit Deer Park tomorrow will be favorable, and I can get me another picture of Thay.

I take refuge in the Three Jewels

…the Buddha

…the Dharma

…and the Sangha

until I reach Enlightenment.

(Kundun, the film)

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