Altar Praktises

Posted on January 3, 2009


I’ve always had some version of an altar or two around the house with varying degrees of consistency in terms of maintaining them and praktising actively with them.

In the spirit of the New Time Emerging 2009 and inspired by previous encouragements from friends near and far, I want to continue with my explorations of altar praktis and generate aspirational prayers to feel if this has been a predisposition of mines from previous lifetimes.

I’ve had this book for a couple of years now, this altar making “guide” using the Vastu Shastra spacemaking science from the Hindu traditions. I don’t understand it all, but it is organized well, so I’m able to follow along.

  • Main altar in the living room space dedicated to Dharma Lineage.  A buddharupa, 35 confessional buddhas image, a mini-thangka of Lama Tsongkhapa, another Lama Tsongkhapa image, incense, light and water offerings, sound offerings from a bell…
  • Another smaller altar on the southwest wall, which is dedicated to inviting Universal Support & Friends for particular causes — Ganesha is on there for sure! Plus, dear Friend, M. also gave me this book on Miracles by St. Michael (my childhood neighborhood church!). The main colors for this altar are red and orange and fortunately, I just got these cool orange, texture-y “placemats” which I’m using for these altars! YES! This altar is dedicated to opening the gate towards Motherland Southeast Asia pilgrimage, opening that gateway in a good way. And opening the gateway to receive the Universe’s Support in my day to day life, living, working, etc. with all the activities that will arise this coming year.

I will be conducting an activation ceremony tomorrow and actually, Saturday is the day that’s designated, according to the guidelines. YES!

I’m definitely feeling the energy of newness + excitement. Consistency is my aspiration. What that looks like, we’ll see…

Creativity too! And dedicated times for charging these gateways, bringing my concentration and intentions and clarity to that which will Arrive in 2009…

Who’s in the Gate?

What’s after the Gate?



(And I’ll post about this again…I will, I will, I will!)

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