Post-Retreat Questions

Posted on January 5, 2009


“the cause resembles the result…you are the heir to your own karma.”

~tsem tulku rinpoche

reflecting on dharma-karma
some questions that revealed themselves during winter retreat 2008

-what is my relationship to the dharma and dharma praktis?  what is my commitment to it?

-what is/are my aspirations~motivations for entering this spiritual path?

-how do i know the dharma has been “good” to me?

-what am i offering up (renunciation praktis) to the dharma?  (inner, outer, material, emotional, psychological offerings)

-what predispositions / past life actions & memories am i sensing?  spiritual communication from previous lifetimes?

-what obstacles have arisen on my path?  how am i praktising with these obstacles?

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