Interrogate the Universe

Posted on January 9, 2009


Good sharings with old friends from OASIS at UCSD to support the new generation of “student workers” (aka Student Affairs Paraprofessionals) 🙂




Was able to share with an alumni panel including my lil’ brother!  YES!  It was good to hear from him about his experiences, insights and work nowadays.

Most memorable, seeing mentor-teacher-supervisor-friend Cecilia!  Always a joy seeing her and listening to her Dharma.  She talked to us tonight about being educators who encourage courageous interrogation of all aspects of life.

Interrogate the Universe!  Interro-Gate!

Yes to all the dharma gates however the message arrives and is communicates…

Seeing other old friends and their cute lil’ one was a joy…

Offering up a little bit of word or experience, hoping it will be of benefit…

Sharing “Four Agreements” cards with Cross-Cultural Center staff!

Awake still tonight.  Usually already in bed by now…

Here we go late evening…


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