Posted on January 11, 2009


Celebrating the Full Moon and today’s 1:11:11…





as shared by Michael Dove

1) We have everything within us to attain our fulfillment.

2) We are fine; there is nothing “wrong” with us.

3) We have a fully functioning reset button and free will to choose to renew sacred contracts and release old ones that no longer serve our highest good.

4) There is only one lie in the entire universe: that is, we are not enough. The lie that was shared in the Biblical story that we could be like God, was in fact a twisted version of the Truth: We are Already God/Universe/Source. We were never disconnected. We were never banished, but unconsciously, we’ve accepted that fate and narrative deeply, so now, we are unlearning the habits that make us UNFIT, SINFUL, JUDGED and are blessing and gracing ourselves with SELF-LOVE. That love is the Love from God/Universe/Source. And in doing so, We Are That.




May all good things be known as

we “graduate” and enter the gateways

where our paths have led us…

May our stillness allow us to

listen deeply to the spiritual communication

occurring…inviting us to release old contracts,

complete current ones, and step into our Truth…

May all friends who have taken the leap

inside and out, experience at the moment of leaping

the calm abiding peace that the leap

manifests the net of care, love and recognition

from the Universe

May I embrace completely

the transformation that is upon me

the invitation that has arrived

the graduation/celebration of myself

the invitation to complete my agreements

and to commit to new contracts

that allow for collective, social, universal


May all the buddhas and bodhisattvas

…gods, goddesses and ancestors

…saints, sages, teachers and kalyanamitras

bless us each moment with right thought, speech and action.

I surrender

I surrender

I surrender

to this Here

to this Now…

Nowhere to go, nothing to do, no longer in a hurry…








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