Altar Praktis – Mirrors, Archangel Michael, etc.

Posted on January 11, 2009


Altar Praktis: Friendly Universe Coincidences

1)  Dove shared at yesterday’s talk, THE FOUR GREAT TRUTHS about placing a mirror on one’s altar.  Ultimately, self is the only one who can “enlighten” one’s Self.  How interesting!?  I have this large mirror in the living room which I have not placed anywhere yet in a permanent.  I’ve moved it around three times and now it’s tucked away into a corner again.  I don’t think it’ll be the right size for the table I have altars on in the living room, but it’s a good reminder to include “self” on there, through a mirror.

2)  Read the excerpt this morning from book about Archangel Michael on the Friends and Universal Support altar.  I realized that Dove is Michael too…and that stories from this text by Doreen Virtue are inspired moments when different people called upon Michael, the angelic force, to intervene in their favor.  Yes, to friendly, universal support and helpful friends who are out there!  Plus, I think I might’ve already written this, but oh well—my home parish when I was growing up was St. Michael’s Church in Paradise Hills, San Diego!  WOWWW!

3)  A breath of fresh air this morning, sitting and calling forth spiritual communication:  I will be staying to teach on my campus next year, with a lighter load of classes which will allow me to focus on the curriculum for Senior English.  I have enjoyed teaching that level for sure…and perhaps that the blessing in disguise here.  We’ll see.  Either way, either way, however it all transpires, whatever needs to be revealed, that which will meet me upon entering the gateway, that which is for the highest good of my path and completing that which I took Birth for:

Breathing in, boundaries expanding…

Breathing out, I embrace & receive…

4)  I probably should be changing the water offerings daily on the altar.  I just got a refill of my water jug this morning.  Altar clearing, refreshing,
cleaning praktis.  And adding a mirror, eventually.  Yes, yes, yes.

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