Path of Non-Fear

Posted on January 11, 2009


You Have Seen the Path, Do Not Fear Anymore

You Have Seen the Path, Do Not Fear Anymore

Thay is sometimes characterized as Dharma Rain Teacher…teaching and embodying the Wonderful Buddhadharma like a light, gentle rain which seeps in slowly yet deeply.  However, there are moments, like this calligraphy, where I see his “edge” arising…

And this year’s upcoming US Tour poster has Thay holding a mudra — WHICH I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!!  I’ve never seen Thay mudra-ing and I’m completely fascinated by it all.  I might be making more of it than is actually there, creating all kinds of projections, wrong thinking…but ohhh well!

I think somethin’ is going on…something with Thay and a different edge of him arising and expressing itself through his teachings.

Soft, gentle, edgey and with a fierceness expected or unexpected…it is all good!  The Path of Non-Fear.  Because I see the path now, I can no longer fear.  Palms together…Namaskar…The gateway is open…Come on In…Arrive, arrive, home, home…

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