Beginning Anew – Self & Sangha

Posted on January 12, 2009


Attended World Beat Sangha this afternoon.   Always a treat to  reconnect with Breath, the buddha’s refuge within us.  Clear and insightful dharma sharing by Br. Jim about walking meditation and how all plants, all rocks, all forms outside are with an awareness, a consciousness and that we are entering-walking outside to this consciousness.

Also, another sangha member shared about Beginning Anew with ourselves and our praktis and how in doing so, we can begin by honoring what we have done, what we have acted upon and follow through with, what commitments we have made…before Shining the Light on that which we would like to grow differently.

Sharing by Native brother, Redbird re: 2012 and the implications for us and the electromagnetics of our material world.  It was an intense sharing.  Will 2012 energetically shift to the extent that the bonds that hold this world together, materially, will be broken and our entire reality will collapse, literally?  My fascination with 2012 invites me to know more and listen more…

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