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Posted on January 13, 2009


It’ll be a week tomorrow since the Unexpected Changes conversation with folks at work regarding the academy.  It is interesting to see how differently I’m relating to that moment.  I still feel confused, but since then, smaller conversations here and there have taken place which perhaps have cumulatively “shifted” the reality a bit, just a tad bit.

At today’s staff meeting, there was an announcement that a Friday meeting would be had with district folks to determine how to reconfigure the academy’s present workings…with what seemed like a way to make it work somehow.  INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT!

I also spoke with Dove a bit and his sense was a compromise would be reached and the program would continue, although with some modifications.  That feels a lot better…

I now feel inspired to approach the principal and share a few words plus do what is necessary to speak with colleagues to re-strategize what might be helpful for us in terms of moving forward with what we’d like to maintain about the program despite some “retailoring.”

A lot has been said.  A lot has been released, expressed, vented, spoken.  And now, we move on.  We’re movin’ on…

Breathing in, boundaries expanding…

Breathing out, I embrace the changes…




With metta,


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