Stream of Consciousness

Posted on January 14, 2009


Open Mic at El Centro Cultural with Friends…

It was a beautiful circle of sharing culture and Self…

Stream of Consciousness

That’s what we are…

That’s what this is…

A Stream of Consciousness

A Stream of Consciousness

A stream of people, energies and creative soulful selves

making our way to the Ocean of Awakening

A Stream of Consciousness

Yes, yes, yes

Of course!

I am remembering the spoken word days of college…and how much I was called by that energy to write, or at least try to write, to decolonize myself through re-forming my relationship to language and writing.  These days, I still have a connection to language-making and marking for my own self…but perhaps the form of it has change.  A less vocal, slightly more silent form of communication.  A prayer, a breath, sending metta to the artists and the audience.  And aloud too, when it feels right.  Beautiful songs and sharings and people, energies, aspirations, truths shared.  Real cultural production.  Happiness!  Artful sharing in community as a dharmagate.

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