Embracing Who I Be

Posted on January 19, 2009


Peace to Me

Gentlebirth to Me

Opening fully to Who I Be




Clarity beginning to emerge

Receiving Who I am Becoming

Fogginess beginning to lift

All is Becoming Known

All will be Known




I can’t pinpoint when it happened

though I sense something did

Some good thing shifted

where now, I can sense and feel

and be at-one with Self


I’m not sure how to talk about it

write about it, describe it so it

“makes sense”

Maybe it’s just me making stuff up

so I feel like I’m actually “doing or going somewhere”

BUT, I do feel a slight shift

a good shift

and ultimately, it is leading me to

Embrace Who I Be

Accept and Receive Fully

This Emerging Identity

of being connected to the Buddhadharma

I know several years back

that would’ve been difficult

and even unclear for me to say…

Today though, this is what I feel has emerged

this acceptance and receptivity to continuing

on the Path that is upon me

the Path that I have chosen, has also chosen me…

No more neurosis and issues and writhing around

the topic, hiding from it, calling it dangerous praktis and other

ways of dodging the issue!

No more of the games I played to make this part of me less important…

No more of downplaying the key aspects of who I Be…






The great fortune to encounter the Buddhadharma in this Lifetime!


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