My astrologie – solar eclipse this Sunday

Posted on January 21, 2009


May clarity and inspiration support this unfolding and revelation…

May helpful friends and universal support guide me, easily through this eclipsing of my old self with my NU self…

Breathing in, boundaries expanding…

Breathing out, embracing, receiving..


Taurus – Forget about what got you to where you are in your career right now. Even if you have to play make-believe, forget about all the hard work and struggle and thankless effort you’ve put toward dragging yourself up the mountain to your current spot. If you could erase all of that and wipe away all your perceived deficiencies and if you knew you had all the talent and connections you needed to do what your soul really longs to do in this lifetime, who would you be? What would you be doing? Next Sunday’s solar eclipse in your 10th House of career makes this week a miraculous window of opportunity for opening yourself to your deepest, highest dreams. You’re not afraid of hard work, so what are you afraid of? Can you hold that fear in one hand and hold the vision of what your soul longs to create in the other?

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