Praktis ~ On Sitting

Posted on January 25, 2009


Auspicious Path offered dharmic insight into the praktis of sitting (sitting meditation).   Her generous sharing inspired me to think about how sitting (meditation) praktis, is not just a Buddhist or Hindu or Eastern tradition, it is in fact a tradition and gift cultivated from all peoples, from all places on Earth.  This act of truly sitting here, present and complete — awakened — is humanity’s legacy of Being.

Sitting (meditation), sitting in silence, sitting in circles, sitting with others, with family, with community, with our beloved ones…this is an ancient praktis, an ancient memory and ritual in all our communities, praktised by all our ancestors.  This act of sitting here, breathing here, listening to the dharma talk of Life that is going on all the time, within us and outside of us, this act of simply sitting receiving all of Life without thinking and judging and selecting-interpreting-meddling with what we like and don’t like…this is our inheritance from our ancestors.  Sitting meditation has been praktised by all our ancestors.  This is our ritual, this is our ceremony, this is our praktis, this sitting here is Us.

Let us not allow our separating selfish mind to disrupt this connection we have to our own ancient praktises!  This is our inheritance, this is the gift our ancestors have passed on to us!  REJOICE!!!

(Thanks for the inspiration, Kalyanamitra Auspicious Path!)

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