Year of the Earth Ox ~ Eclipse in my 10th House

Posted on January 27, 2009


Well, I don’t really know all the astrologie behind today’s energy, but I do know eclipses, when present, tend to shift and transform things, sometimes not in the most favorable ways. For me, the 10th house activity with the eclipse clues me into a deep career shift that is in the works.   Last year’s layoff experience during the spring was its own praktis period of relating to transitions and letting go of my assumptions of how my teaching work would progress.  So, now, with this eclipse, and the lil’ signs  that have made their presence known, “releasing the grip” on things isn’t as challenging.  If anything, last year’s lil’ bump on the road is making any potential bumps to come, not that big of a deal!  OR SO I SAY!?

I’ve got my mind and heart and energy set to re-root and re-“initialize” myself with a coming full circle trip to Motherland Southeast Asia!  I know, I know, I’ve probably written about that soooo mannnnny times now


Taurus – This morning’s powerful solar eclipse conjunct Jupiter in your 10th House of career is pulling you in a new direction. Relax — you don’t have to know exactly what this new version of your public self looks like. It’s enough to be aware that the scene is shifting and make yourself available to go in the direction your spirit wants to take you. Sometimes solar eclipses close the door on an old way of life before they open the door to the new one. But this eclipse seems exceptionally positive for you, as long as you’re willing to be flexible and keep tuning in to find out who you really, really want to be in this life. Sometimes these things take a little while, but you can make the transition easier by consciously relaxing your grip on things and making time to listen to your inner voice. Also, at least one friend or colleague wants to offer you generous support — your job this week is to be open to receive.

For the time being, let me simply say this.  Yes, to the colleague and friend who has generously been here to offer me support and guidance!  Plus, part two of all this: new ideas arising, new gateways and dharma doors opening, old doorways closing.  In and Out.  What does it all mean in the immediate?  Listening Deeply.  Looking Deeply.  At myself and my conditions.  And opening to receive the spiritual communicatiion.  Impermanence.  Birth, Death, Rebirth.  Emanations and Manifestations.  My ideas for my “work” are changing their conditions and I effort to open to the new energies, messages, prayers, blessings, openings, gateways that are welcoming me.  May I be in touch with clarity and solidity to know the good way to go.


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