Festival Cancelled Due to Heavy Rain

Posted on January 31, 2009


Film by  Lama Rangdrol

African American Tibetan Lama

The story of a black man’s arduous journey from the urban “killing fields” of Los Angeles to his discovery of Buddhist peace in the jungle of Cambodia.

Filmed on Lama’s pilgrimage to Angkor, the largest religious site in the world, Festival Canceled Due to Heavy Rain is a moving exploration of the healing power Buddhism can bring to the African -American experience.




Black film festival in San Diego this weekend!  And will have the opportunity to watch this film about an African American Buddhist teacher’s pilgrimage to Cambodia / Angkor Wat, the largest religious shrine in the world.

Motherland Southeast Asia inspirations!

Plus, yesterday, I was feelin’ around the “idea” of SOUTHEAST

and the sounds of this “word” in Spanish caught my ear…

SUR y ESTE?  I hope that is correct.


as in

Southeast San Diego

Southeast Asia

Southeastern jungles of Mexico

Southeast direction in feng shui

South & East (in contrast to North & West)




Looking forward to watching the film tomorrow…

and to other SUROESTE Inspirations!

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