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Posted on February 1, 2009


What does February’s stars have in store for you? Check out Susan Miller’s site and see how these energies from above manifest in our day to day lives here, down below.


With skillful compassionate communication, Susan’s forecasts have been a gentle guide for me in seeing what else abounds and surrounds our daily realities. And for February, after the solar eclipse in late January, I am energized to expand the boundaries and receive, receive, receive that which is for my highest good. Joy of Being Beginning Anew!

In an easy and relaxed manner…

In a healthy and positive way…

In its own perfect time…

For the highest good of all concerned…


Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Your February Horoscope by Susan Miller

Taurus Horoscope for February 2009

By Susan Miller

You’ve worked long and hard, and now career rewards will be better than anything you could have imagined. It’s time to rip up those five-year plans and draw up brand new ones.

The ball started rolling with the solar eclipse late last month (January 26), but Mercury was still in retrograde then, so you probably had difficulty sorting out all the necessary details on any offer that was presented to you. Even if things had not jelled enough to bring you an offer last month, it was no time to make a big decision. Now that Mercury will be back on track as of February 1, you’ll get all the data you need and you will be able to proceed. Nothing will stop you now!

If 2009 is to be your most dazzling career year of your life (and yes, it will), then February will be your key month, the point when everything would begin to change and the path of your future success would begin to be revealed. Watch and see how things unfold. You have the kind of chart that shows that even news that seems at first negative can turn beautifully positive in the blink of an eye. I am not saying anything untoward will happen professionally, but if it does – or if it already has sometime in the later months of 2008 – realize that sometimes the universe empties the cradle to provide you with something better. Often there is no other way to offer that gift to you.

To push the energy of all these positive planets forward, the solar eclipse of January 26 last month began to create a buzz about you among those in higher echelons. The job on the table will put you in a cutting-edge field and cast you in the role of pathfinder. It is clear you will be involved with a job or industry that brings you into a very new realm – something the world has never seen. Taking risks is not something that is ordinarily associated with Taurus, but this month, taking the plunge in a new area won’t faze you – in fact, it is the part of the job description that you will find most exciting.

Your new job may involve new technology, computers or software, the Internet, telecommunications, or new media. It may involve photography, music, film, or TV, but if so, the delivery would be very modern, possibly “on demand” or digital in some way. Or it may center you in a new “green” industry – that seems very possible. Alternatively, you may decide to work on a humanitarian, not-for-profit, or charitable cause, or your new job may be related to social work. These are some of the luckiest areas for you because all these areas are ruled by Aquarius, the sign that Mars, Jupiter, the Sun, Neptune, and later, Mercury, will travel in this month and where your greatest blessings will flow throughout 2009 and beyond

[ Wow, how about Digital Arts Center certification at UCSD or High Tech High conversations regarding charter possibilities from a culinary arts, green perspecive! Digital communications + green methodologies, intentions = joy of being career explorations! How about FFFLIP youth arts, community arts, literary arts project? English 12 class transformations, expansions?  School-based foundation to fund  scholarships and special projects, plus engage the alumni to give back to the school community.  Exploring the possibilities, the infinite possibilities! Breathing in, my boundaries expand. Breathing out, I release and receive…

SIDENOTE: My Suroeste Asia trip will solidify and bring to ease those feelings and yearnings I’ve been having, but have not always given a chance to express themselves. This summer, I enter the Dharma Gateway that is part of my ancestry and walk towards this path, this endless path that is also walking towards me. I rejoice in the ripening of this blessing and make aspirational prayers for favorable conditions to continue on the path of Dharma.]

On friend asked me when astrology was formed. I replied, “Approximately 2500 BC, why?” She couldn’t figure out how the ancients knew Aquarius would rule digital things and assumed astrology had to have been discovered twenty years ago in California or something like that. I laughed and said no, “Mesopotamia, 2500 BC would be closer to the truth!”

I explained that the ancients in their wisdom deemed Aquarius as the sign of “what comes next” in the world. This sign rules all things newly invented as well as all things not fully understood, such as the study of certain parts of science and mathematics, or as another example, certain diseases that have yet to be given a cure.

Astrology also comes under Aquarius because it is considered forward thinking, and also because even with all the centuries of empirical evidence that it works, we don’t fully understand why astrology works. Aquarius rules all these areas, as well as all the areas that deal with compassionately correcting society’s ills and championing those who have been left behind and are disadvantaged.

[REJOICE, THE AGE OF AQUARIUS!  Key Principle: remember to orient my “work/career” aspirations toward Aquarian ideals.  Innovative thinking, compassion for society, new media + forms of communication, advocating for the less-fortunate, bodhisattva intentions, creativity, green technologies, community-collective based, Aquarius is the bringer and keeper of water…]

Aquarius rules your natural tenth house of fame, so this is where you are to make your biggest name for yourself, dear Taurus. Keep in mind that you don’t have to work in one of these industries to excel, but to employ these elements to your job. Let’s say you work in an auction house that deals with antiques of great value. You might assume that you would not have anything to do with high tech things or with working with communities and disadvantaged people, and that none of this applies to you.

However, soon you may hit on an idea to harness new technology to better catalog the valuable items that your firm collects, houses, and eventually sells at auction for clients, and this is only one of many possible examples. You may improve on the way potential bidders based in other countries can bid in real time on the items you have for sale, also using new technology. Or, you may suggest to your board of directors that you hold a special auction to benefit a charity or community project in your city. You see how this could work out.

With energetic Mars (the energy planet) joining Jupiter (ruling happiness and good fortune), both in Aquarius, you seem poised to make your most important career step in a decade very soon. Actually, this could happen this month – the time near February 12 to 17 should turn out to be extra special for news. The choices you make this year will affect you for a decade or more – they will be that life altering!

The reason I mentioned February 12 just now is on that day, Mars will move over the precise mathematical degrees of the solar eclipse of last month, the one that appeared January 26. That is always considered a critical time to watch, and in your case, due to be a very fortunate time of the month!

There are more dates to watch.

Any interview or career negotiation you have on February 16 is one you’ll easily trump, thanks to the lovely alignment of Venus and Jupiter.

On February 17, you will be head and shoulders above the rest, due to the meeting of Jupiter and Mars.

On February 18, your ruler, Venus, will interact with Mars. Oh, happy day! Not only will you easily gain the favor of VIPs, you’ll love the news that they tell you, too. This day you’ll certainly feel part of a mutual admiration society. One caveat: Keep confidential for now any talks you have with a higher up.

Another stellar day for career success will be February 24, due to Jupiter’s meeting with Mercury on your behalf. If you are in a creative field and have a big presentation scheduled, chances are that the client will love what you have to show – you can now get the green light to go forward to the next level. Think big, dear Taurus. You won’t have to work in a creative area to do well, however – you seem to have the whole solar system working for you this month. Even if you are an accountant or work in the insurance business, this would apply to you, too! No one will be left out!

Your home or other property will also bring news and possible change this month, in equally dramatic fashion. You may need to relocate to take a new job, or you may upgrade your home decor, thanks to the better income your new position will offer. You will see powerful evidence of this at the vital full moon lunar eclipse, February 9, and in the weeks to come.

Eclipses are never subtle, but rather they shout their news. Another hallmark of an eclipse is that they move up timetables dramatically. No matter what you thought you’d do, you’ll probably have to revise your scheme.

If you plan to move, buy, rent, or plan to start ripping out walls, ask many questions before you lay down plans. Neptune will give you great vision and creativity, but may also cause you to become so enthusiastic that you get carried away and overlook certain details regarding materials or money. If you do, you’ll fail to see certain conditions that must be addressed before jumping in with both feet. Take your time.

Pay special attention to your water supply and the possibility for water damage (and any other problems that would be a by-product of water) involving your present or future space. Investigate whether you need additional insurance. Talking to neighbors might prove helpful, as the lunar eclipse brings them into the conversation, too.

Romantically, due to the rare opposition of Saturn to Uranus on February 5 (the last time these two planets met in this way it was in 1967), you will refine the type of person you are interested in dating.

Getting past old, bad patterns is never easy, but you seem to be capable of doing so now. During the past year, Saturn has made you more realistic about how you approach your romantic life, but perhaps made you a bit overly cautious. Now you seem more open to new types and will be more determined to sidestep mistakes you’ve made in the past. This is all very good – see clues February 5.

If you have been dating someone but are unhappy in the relationship, this opposition of these two heavy-duty planets on February 5 may force a decision about where you want to take this relationship in the future. To stay, to go, or to seek counseling would all be options. All planetary aspects have several days of influence – for this one, add five days on either side, bringing us up to the full moon lunar eclipse February 9. If you live together, it could explain why you may be moving.

If you are not dating and a friend offers to play matchmaker on February 16, accept, for this introduction has the potential of working out surprisingly well. Afterward, you may find yourself continually checking your BlackBerry for new emails from your new crush. Thank Mars and Jupiter for cooking this up, for things could grow into something more.

On February 18, you’ll be feeling ultra sexy and confident due to your ruler Venus’ flirtatious behavior toward her lover, Mars. Are you a girl? Spray on a new scent, and slip into stilettos and skinny jeans. A guy? Wear something new that you like tonight. You’ll have the power to cause a small revolution on this day – pretend you don’t notice!

Friends will be particularly darling in late month and by then, you’ll look forward to kicking back and slowing your life down to a more manageable pace. By month’s end you will have accomplished a great deal on both your home and career fronts, so once you get to the new moon February 24, let things cook a little. Use the extra time you free up to see friends and circulate a bit. Your social life will certainly ratchet up another notch just after the new moon, February 24.

If you feel like giving a late-winter party, do so on your made-for-Taurus weekend, February 28. Whether you do cocktails for 20, dinner for 8, or invite everyone you know for bunch on Sunday, you’ll do it with enviable style. A new moon in Pisces is known to bring poetic grace and spark the imagination, and with the moon that weekend in Taurus, you will be a stylish host basking in the twinkling lights of your very own constellation.

Your Valentine’s Day may arrive a little later than it will for other people in the world, but who cares? At month’s end, when others will start to see their roses wilting, yours will be just-delivered, looking fresh and beautiful on your coffee table. It’s great to feel adored. (And yes, my guy readers, I am also addressing you – men get flowers sent to them, too!)


What a sensational month February will be for career success! You have not seen anything like this since 1997, and back then, there weren’t as many other planets working with Jupiter, the planet of gifts and luck, to bolster this trend. Also, you didn’t have the level of expertise and experience you do now. This all means you can truly take full advantage of all the planetary influence now.

What you are about to encounter in February will be nothing less than a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to raise your status permanently in your industry. With the Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, and Mars – later, Venus – to move though your tenth house of career honors, promotion, and higher status, February will be the most important month of your most important year, 2009, for career success.

Your interest in getting your career moving forward was no doubt piqued at the new moon solar eclipse last month on January 26 – that trend, which started then, will only enlarge in February.

Early February should be sensational, but you should also put a gold star on February 16, 17, and 18. These days are due to be platinum gold when it comes to career progress. Be sure to schedule a meeting or other important initiation for one of those days.

While it often takes time to be awarded an important new position, you will have the ability to be up for the right positions now, and you will also have the ability to make a fine impression on VIPs. Don’t be disappointed if it all doesn’t come together instantly – what matters is that you BEGIN certain talks now, for these are the ones most likely to lead to fruition.

Your home, other property, or a certain family matter will likely demand your full attention at the full moon lunar eclipse on February 9. Expect something to culminate at that time. You may need to move to a new city to take advantage of career opportunities, or you may simply want to upgrade your living space now that you have more money in your paycheck. Alternatively, one of your parents may be on your mind at this eclipse. Eclipses always bring important news to our attention and move up our timetables. No matter what your home or family-related plans were, they may change dramatically now.

You will apparently have many decisions to make this month, so to lighten up things a bit and give you some fun, the new moon on February 24 will be a welcome moment, for it will open a door to a bigger social life. From that point on, you will be able to expand your circle of friends and acquaintances, and to relax, unwind, and enjoy more of what life has to offer. Certainly, by month’s end, you’ll be in a celebratory mood, for you will have seen some very encouraging developments by then!

This would be an ideal time – just after February 24 – to send your application to join a new club or professional organization, or to join a committee of a club you already you belong to.

Romantically, things will go in the extreme in February. If you have been unhappy, you will probably need to decide what to do about this relationship’s future on or near February 5, due to the opposition of Saturn and Uranus. You may come up with a new and better way of interacting after you clear the air on one certain topic early in the month. Alternatively, you may opt to go for counseling. If you have been very unhappy, something you learn or see now may help you make the decision to leave altogether.

The planets in their rounds want us to be happy and productive, and to use our time on Earth well. We never feel planetary aspects in a vacuum but rather in the context of the past. Hard aspects like Saturn opposed to Uranus help us break old patterns that have not served us well and find new and better ones for the future. If you are happy, you won’t feel this – this is one of those “self-correcting” aspects that come by once in a great while, but that help us take brave new steps forward.

Couples who are in a strong and solid relationship will have plenty to celebrate. In fact, if that describes you, you will grow even closer – to your significant other – just in time for Valentine’s Day! A string of lovely vibrations that will occur on February 16, 17, and 18 will be powerful enough to feel several days earlier, in time for that day for lovers.

If you like, give a party at your place over the weekend of February 28. The last week of February will also be very positive for joining a new club or running for office in a club you already belong to now.

As you see, this month has news on so many levels – career, home, friendship, and love with opportunities for a number of fresh starts!

Dates to note:

You may move, buy, sell, renovate, reorganize, or improve your living quarters on or near the full moon lunar eclipse February 9 and in weeks to come. This will form one of the major themes of 2009.

Your profession will be cooking at top speed February 1-7 and will continue to do so in coming months.

Other days that deserve a gold star for career progress: February 17 and 24. On February 17, Jupiter will align with Mars – just like in the song, “Aquarius,” only for you, the two planets will put your name in lights in your house of fame and career honors. Wow!

Friends will play a much larger role in your life: February 24-March 1. You may make a new friend, or make a very kind, special effort for a friend you have now.

Apply to new organizations to join: February’s last week.

Concerning February 24, news will make you want to belt out a song – on the street, in the office, or on the bus. Mercury conjunct Jupiter, in your career and honors sector, in a once-in-12-year meeting, will open a gate that’s been stubbornly locked shut. When you step though, you’ll know you’ve “arrived!”

Most romantic days: February 16, 17, 18, 22, and the weekend of February 28-March 1.

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