Prayer for Barack Obama

Posted on February 1, 2009


Now more than ever, let’s pray our way to world we wish to see!

Collective energetic miracles!  Let’s bring down the awakened consciousness and ground it on Planet Earth for the benefit of all!

Buddha as Sangha in the form of Collective Awakening!  Maitreya!

My enlightenment, is connected to your enlightenment!

Awaken Together!

Transform in Samsara!

We are the ONES we have been waiting for


A bow to you, a Buddha-You-Be…




Prayer for Barack Obama

By the power of the truth of compassion and love,

may this noble leader,

Barack Obama,

be blessed with courage.

May he always be in harmony

with his highest ideals.

May he have clarity and wisdom,

and may the radiance of his heart be an inspiration and guiding light for countless beings in these troubled times.

May he and his family

be safe from all harm and

may he live a long life.

Sarwa Mangalam!

May All Beings Benefit!

(from buddhists of color e-group posting)

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