Inspiration ~ Santi ~ Shanti

Posted on February 9, 2009


Been feeling some communication from the Shantideva picture and thought about the Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti chant I’ve heard several times before…and thought to look into it as a Pali term…and YES, there it was.


I kinda like that way that sounds…





Shanti (Pali: Santi) simply means “peace”. It’s a beautiful meaning and also a very beautiful sound. The shanti is repeated three times, as are many chants in Buddhism. In Buddhism as well as in Hinduism the threefold Shanti is generally interpreted as meaning the Threefold Peace in body, speech, and mind (i.e. peace in the entirety of one’s being).

Hindu teachings typically end with the words Om shanti shanti shanti as an invocation of peace, and the mantra is also used to conclude some Buddhist devotional ceremonies.


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