Praktis ~ Breathing, Being Present

Posted on February 9, 2009


Guided Meditation Offering to the World Beat Sangha tonight. I hope the sharing was all good and that it did not cause discomfort or confusion. I felt inspired to share a bit about my understandings of sitting praktis and the realizations, insights and “right view” that I’ve had the fortune to hear and learn and experience. During sitting meditation sometimes, my mind makes me think I have to be something, become someone, reach some point, achieve _____. Grasping, and ego. One time, Thay said something like, “you want to take refuge in a long, deep meditation and you become discouraged when sitting or breathing is short and sporadic—but that is impermanence.” I laughed when I heard him say that because it is so true.  We want our meditation to be always good. We want to take refuge in our indestructible breath and calm.  Yet, if we don’t praktis and create the conditions for that, then our wanting is based on no effort — illogical.  THAY DIDN’T SAY IT EXACTLY LIKE THAT, BUT YOU GET THE POINT 🙂

I feel lucky to have had a chance to sit with and meditate on my own sitting praktis and to come to a different clarity about it. Having to speak about it, and not basing it on my praktis, would have been useless. I only hope it was not so for others, for the sangha with whom I shared.

May the merits of our sitting and breathing praktis be of benefit to the sangha, the World Beat Center, and our community.


On Sitting & Being Present


Listen, listen The sound of this bell brings me back to my true home… (((BELL))))

Dear Sangha

Diligently turn the mind, into meditation

Diligently invite the breath, into meditation

Diligently rest the body, into meditation

Diligently bring the mind, into meditation

Connecting with the breath

Resting in awareness in my body

Holding in gentle awareness all the wonderful conditions Here and now supporting me to simply breath, to be, to show up, to be part of sangha…

My lungs and my heart offering their presence

Giving me Life

My spine being present for me to sit up nobly

My legs cooperating to maintain my stability

All of them, all of us, this circle, this building, the trees and birds and plants outside, all breathing and being…

We are all One…

All these conditions are part of our Sangha




Becoming intimate with the present moment

Calming myself grounding myself in this here breath

What a miracle This simple breath

A precious friend I have encountered on this path

This act of breathing in and breathing out

This simple way of being able to receiving life …and releasing into Life

Knowing intimately I am part of the web of life

Just Sitting

Just breathing


I have arrived

I am home

…present moment

…healing moment

I feel gratitude for this chance

To be alive

To sit here with dear friends

To breathe for myself, my family, my society

…to sit and deepen my connection

…to sit and practice compassion

…to sit and feel stillness in action

I have arrived

I am home

Dear Sangha

Ever gently turn the mind, into meditation


Continue sitting for ~10 minutes.


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