Breathing in, I distract myself…

Posted on February 10, 2009


Rainy day here…

Getting some work done…

Also, distractin’ myself, too.

Some thoughts that are zooming by and catching me:

1) Initiate process for Metta inking with Dream Jungle Studio and Aleks.

2) Scheduled my taxes and a trip up north plus, a visit to Kali Mandir temple!

3) Santi ~ Shanti…

4) Going to visit ISKCON at Pacific Beach today to see their catering menu. Maybe a good choice for Kalyanamitra Gathering this Saturday!

5) Where am I at with fire ritual for Full Moon in Leo (4th house, family, origins, ancestry)?

6) Big event at school on Wednesday — may all good conditions support us for this event to take place smoothly…

7) Realization: World Beat Center & Makeda and that space being a Mothership of Energy and Activity for 2012’s arrival! I had a quick chat with her and some other friends after the sangha gathering and there’s been a lot of good things happening in that space…there’s always been a lot of good things happening there. Only now, I’m beginning to see how her commitment to hold the vision allows for us to receive the energy as well…Makeda ~ roots culture bodhisattva! I was laughing because she was talking to a new resident of the Red Lotus Society (praktis center in downtown SD) and she said, “let’s get some people of color up in there!” LOVIN’ IT! She was trippin’ on being the only black person, or person of color at the sustainability forum with Balboa Park.

Hope to be able to support the wonderful, powerful, musical, energetic, drum one beat one heart praktis center that the World Beat Community has sustained throughout all times. YES! KAYA NATIN!

Maybe this Full Moon in Leo (4th House) is inviting me to look into the World Beat Sangha + Family + Center…this space of “intersectionality” is my family of origin…this place of cultural, spiritual, political solidarity is my family of origin. With all the creative energy that Leo embodies, and the rootedness that the WBC (like the UCSD Cross Cultural Center praktis center too!) . . .perhaps this is the key spiritual communication for the day.

We Have Arrived

We are Home!

2012 is here and now at the World Beat Center!


8) Beginning water offerings, preliminary praktis? Where can I get water bowls? Or prostrations praktis? Something, before heading to Motherland Suroeste Asia!

9) Ongoing obsession with mental trip planning for travels to Suroeste Mexico / San Cristobal and Suroeste Asia / Thailand, etc.

10) More immediately — what do I gotta do?!

May the winds be favorable…


Breathing out, I release all these thoughts and surrender them to the Universe, confident they will be taken care of for the highest good of all concerned…

May all beings find happiness and the causes of happiness…

May all beings be free!

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