Praktis ~ Tian Gong

Posted on February 16, 2009


For 4.5 billion years of Earth history, epochs of civilizations have risen and fallen. Only Qi Gong and various spiritual practices have persisted through these eons of upheaval to pass on the torch of human existence.

Every single tree and every blade of grass on our planet has a mission. Each person is born into this world with a mission. Similarly, Tian Gong has emerged on this Earth to guide those connected to it towards wholeness and Oneness with the Universe. The practice of Tian Gong helps students guide themselves and others along this path of spiritual evolution.

Oneness with Universe is both the primary source of ancient Chinese civilization as well as the final destination dreamt of by many peoples of the world. Since ancient times there have been numerous saints, philosophers and cultivators who have engaged in this sacred endeavor.

The physical and spiritual health of humans and of humanity is closely connected to the state of the Earth’s energy field. The crisis of the Earth demands that humans change their way of thinking and their way of life. Therefore, for some, spiritual work has begun to take precedence over all else.




World Beat Center hosted a workshop/teaching/healing this afternoon by Qi Gong Master Le Tian Da Shi.  Fun, insightful and healing!  I hope to write about it more here, but in the meantime, am going through the website, downloading some of the mp3 talks and listening to a Celestial Sound Healing for Detoxification.  :-




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