On Ash Wednesday

Posted on February 26, 2009


On Ash Wednesday

cleaning the ashes

from the altar collecting

all the incense that has come and gone

On Ash Wednesday

remembering commitment

breaking commitment and recommitting

once again just as quickly

remembering the value of vows

and aspirational prayers

offering Self a container to praktis

On Ash Wednesday

..making my own penance, reconciliation, confession

to the 35 Awakened Ones

of fault and imperfection

mental and physical transgressions

forgetting and remembering and forgetting again

…and how quickly we can recover and step back on the path

like the breath

the fleeting breath

When we forget, how much suffering it can cause…

And when we remember, the miracle that is created

at this precise moment…

On Ash Wednesday

beginning anew…

Taking refuge in my Self again

for as long as I can hold and sustain this

condition, and the diligence to fall gently

and get up with great effort each time…

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